Friday, October 2, 2009

The Aftermath of an Evening Out

I had planned on doing "Food Friday" this week I made a yummy asparagus lasagna and butterscotch chocolate chip cake and was going to share the recipe with you but again Miss K thinks that is boring so I am going to give the people what they want....damage and destruction. I told you last week about going out with your spouse and the horror of finding something to wear now this week we are going to talk about the cost of a nice evening out. I am not talking financial cost. I am talking about the price you pay when you get home to kids that aren't asleep and every light in the house is on and every cupboard is wide open. We prepared the standard kids with the sitter meal, M+M shrimp, chicken, and party sampler, dollar chips and KD. Pat and I very much enjoyed our supper at the Miso House (awesome sushi)!
Here is what we came home to....

Popcorn twists on the hockey rink.

A doorknob through the wall in the bathroom. Maybe someone will do a two for one hole patch and I can get all Carson's handy work fixed up. Either I am an awesome interrogator or Carson is an awful criminal. I said, "What happened here?" Carson hugged my leg and said,"Sorry, sorry sorry." Hmmm let me guess Carson was it you?

Olivia had to cut gum out of her hair.

Finally they are all asleep. A little drool puddle. At least that is the only puddle he made in or bed....for now.
For some reason Carson decided to camp out in the hall.

Wrong way Ellie.

Puppy love

Kelsey why didn't you fold the laundry before bed?

By the end of "date night" I was so tired I fell asleep five minutes into the movie. I just went to bed in what I was wearing which tells you something about my wardrobe that I can wear it for a night out and comfortably sleep in it!

Just a note about Monday if you want to enter the contest to win a free sitting you still have time. Just send in your funny story or picture. Also Monday is my 100th Post so I will be doing a look back/blooper/never before seen pictures. Stay tuned!

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