Monday, December 19, 2011

Fa La La La La

At the Circus House we love Christmas!  Sometimes though between Hockey, Dance, School Activities, Work and other obligations we just run out of time to enjoy the season.  For half a minute we considered not doing Christmas Caroling as just 10 days before we had Pat's birthday party with the whole crew!  If I had been thinking I would have asked the big man in red to make an appearance at Pic a Deli in the middle of the Birthday Part and then called it a day.  

I just couldn't let a seven year tradition end because once you take a year off sometimes you never go back.  Some of the kids in our group don't ever remember a year without a Christmas celebration at the Rokochys.  So even though it may not have been the biggest or best organized year ever we still made it happen and hopefully the kids will remember the fun time and not the burnt cookies!

This year we hosted on a Sunday so Chef Pat had the whole day to create his Hamburger and Potato Soup Masterpieces.  

The extent of my Christmas baking was invading the chef's space for half an hour to make Cinnamon Logs.  Olivia made them into perfect little logs then as I was madly vacuuming I burnt the second batch!

 Kiss the Chef Hat went over very well! Even better than mistletoe. 
 In very last minute style we rounded up a reluctant volunteer that may be more comfortable in goalie pads and a Bronco Jersey than a red suit and beard!  What a good sport! 

 Kelsey always finds the smallest shirt in his closet to wear to caroling. 
 A very good girl. 
 He asked Santa for an orange for Christmas. 

We enjoyed soup, cookies and loads of fun.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 40th!

Turning 40 is a great reason to celebrate! And that we did in Grand Fashion and it was all a surprise!  Since we had traveled to Las Vegas for Pat's dream 40th celebration with a group of 18 people I think we were able to completely surprise him on the day of his actual birthday. 

I enlisted a lot of help from family and friends.  My great next door neighbor came over to help me hang a tv up.
We met for a birthday drinks at our friend Louis Ds. Then at 6 pm I told Pat we had to go.  I had brought along a scarf to blindfold Pat since we were only traveling a block and I knew he would see everyone's vehicles but of course I couldn't find the scarf so Ellie's ski pants would have to do as a blind fold. 

 I drove and turned left and right and Pat knew just where we were so then I took a detour through the Library and rec center which really threw him off.  Eventually we ended up at the restaurant where Pat walked in to a celebration of 65 friends and family!

 The best surprise was that his Mom and Dad had driven all the way from Foam Lake and were there at the restaurant waiting.  He had no idea!

Kelly and the staff at Pic a Deli went out of their way to make a fantastic meal and make the evening very special!

 My awesome friend Kristen got the cake and made a great photo collage of Pat's bull riding in Vegas!

And what better way to end the night with a little spa pampering.  Shaving off the old Movember moustache!  It was  a night to remember. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pitch Party

W. Brett Wilsons' Pitch Party in Saskatoon was a first class event!  The night was hosted by the W. Brett Wilson Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence.  It was a very interactive night where students were encouraged to network with other students and business professionals.  It was nice to be there and answer questions, offer help and be approached to come and speak to students in a classroom setting.  Being on Dragons' Den has opened doors not only to do business but to speak and motivate others to follow their dreams!

Two of my favorite ladies hard at work.  Karen, my sales rep, who flew in from Calgary for the event and my awesome Mom who came in from Davidson to support me like she always does. I have dragged her to many and adventure!
We were right beside the Lemonade Stand.  The Lemonade Day is a program which encourages youth entrepreneurship. 
A fantastic centerpiece by Fire and Ice Creations of Saskatoon. 
The lovely ladies of Breast Friends Cookbooks from Foam Lake SK. 

The Snappy Socks Booth all finished. 

We were ready to make a "Pitch"
Fellow Dragons' Den Deal makers 

Bryan of 320 solutions.
The Frog Box Saskatoon Franchisees  
Neeichie Gear  The 3rd Place Winner of the Idea Challenge
The beautiful ladies with beautiful jewelery from Hillberg and Berk. 
Brett stopping in for some Lemonade before heading up on stage. 
Brett talking with the crowd.  He is such a warm and natural speaker. Lots of knowledge and laughs to share. 
Karen and I are so lucky to be partners with Brett.  More than an investor he is a mentor.  In the past year he has shared so much with us we are truly grateful! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magical Birthday!

It's your birthday!  We called into Magic 97 and you won Birthday of the day!  The prize for birthday of the day is a Gift Certificate to Sputergotch Toys!

After the party and before the shopping spree we better have a nap!
 Receiving the Magic Ticket!
 A quick coffee at Urban Ground.  I promise we are going to the toy store right away!

 Follow me Ellie it's in here. 
 Tada we made it!
 Happy Faces
 I need a cart!
 And Away We Go!
 Take it for a test ride. 
 A few treats for mom and dad and some Baba stickers. 
 The wiggle car.  This is what she picked from Grandmas and Grandpa and Magic 97.1/Sputtergotch!
 The staff is so friendly and helpful!
 Now if we could just get them out of the store.  Dad is leaving. 

 They make a great window display. 
I think this will be come a birthday tradition.  Off to Sputtergotch to pick a special present!