Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love A-fair

Our Family is in love with the fair!  I can never understand people who say they hate the fair and don't go.  Nope not us, we wouldn't miss it!  This year Levi managed to avoid us and went on another night but we all had a great time!  

We were entering the grounds when the tractor came by and I yelled to Pat to take a picture.  Well I had it set on manual for a studio setting so this was the result or maybe it is because I am a vampire and don't show up in photos. 

 First order of business...  Food. Food and more Food.  We started with Corn Dogs and a ketchup smile. 
 The love of my life with something he loves a lot.  So much love in this picture it inspired me.......

I brought my wedding party back to the fair on Sunday and everyone had so much fun and the workers where so accommodating. 

Back to our night of family fun and food. 

 Had to go looking for this cool cat who was riding with buddies.
 Ellie had a little buddy on the rides.  The only two on the motorcycle ride and she is being a back seat driver. 
 That's better let me drive.  Check the look on his face!

 The end of the night.  The sun set, the mosquitoes came out and we began to wind down our night.  Pat of course has a fair agenda and you don't play games until the end so you don't have to carry prizes around all night and you eat the Elephant Ear on the way out because it's so messy!  Such a planner.  Although he didn't plan to go back to our van after 4 hours at the fair to find one of the kids had left the door wide open and good old Swift Current not one thing was taken out of our van.  Just the addition of a few hundred mosquitoes. 
Pat was so excited to win this pink monkey for his little girl in the hockey shoot.  Even ripped the target right off the net.  Unfortunately carnival animals are not tough enough for this circus and he met his end tonight.  Ellie unstuffed him.