Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lake Livin'

It is such a treat for our family to go each year to our cabin at Fishing Lake.  We visit family, eat, sleep, swim, golf repeat.  The teenager put up a pretty big fight this year about having to be gone from work, friends and computer for so long but deep down I know he loves spending 24 hours a day with his family.

We put him to work cleaning the eaves troughs.  He is like spiderman up there.  

 Grandpas helper.  Good Boy Levi!
 After all that hard work he couldn't keep his eyes open.
 If you want to wake him up just try to take the phone out of his hand!
 The view from our deck at sunset.
 Pat and his Dad bond over whipper snipping.  Pat wants to say for the record the white socks pulled up were for protection against flying debris while working.  I think he is still cute!
 Chef Pat strikes again fire roasting a delicious pork loin.
 The tinfoil below has hickory wood chips that were soaked in water.
 Another one of his specialties is pizzas.  The crust is made from a tortilla or wrap.
 On the bar b que.
 Our little entrepreneurs.  Most kids have a lemonade stand but not these ones.  We are right beside the golf course so this is a golf club wash stand.  They made $3 which is awesome.  It is just too bad they used my brand new $4 toothbrush to wash the clubs.
Another year of relaxing and memories!  Only 3 more summers until Levi will be in University!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barefoot Venus

Well I have spent a lot of time barefoot and pregnant, but now I am looking forward to being a Barefoot Venus.  

I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to review Barefoot Venus products. Since my only "Me time" is in the bathroom, this is one assignment I am looking forward to.  But on top of that the company has offered to help me fund raise for my trip to Mexico where I am going with Brett Wilson and a group of other volunteers to build Homes of Hope.  I am really looking forward to this amazing experience to give back.  I have a feeling it is going to be a life changing weekend. 

Here is how you can help.  Shop the site  Barefoot Venus  and use the coupon code:  CIRCUS upon checkout and 20% of your subtotal order will be donated  Homes of Hope.  

I am excited to work with such a Barefoot Venus.  Their products are created without parabens which I always look for and the company is run by terrific Canadian Moms.  Here is a bit more about the company.!/pages/Barefoot-Venus/123656824086

Founded in 1999 Barefoot Venus has been growing at a rapid pace and has been blazing trails right into women's hearts and relaxing bathing and pampering experiences all across North America.
Our philosophy is as pure as our products:
Feel angelic, smell heavenly, and be adventurous, adoring, stylish or seductive, capricious but perfectly you. Feel good about yourself and your place in the world. Let your confidence and beauty radiate and inspire.
Our current success story began modestly while two sisters traveled the globe.  Using the finest quality European oils and indigenous flowers Barefoot Venus began it's evolution to produce some of the finest quality bath and body products available.   All the while sticking with a vision to produce a flirtatiously feminine and luxurious spa like offering.
Barefoot Venus has had the privilege of being included in the Juno, Canada's Music Award swag bags. Be given to audience members of CBC's Steven and Chris Show.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A break up letter to Huggies- It's not you it's me.

Dear Huggies,

I know this is going to come as a shock to you after our 15 year romance, but it's over. No don't try to stop me we have been off again, on again 5 times. When it all began 15 years ago I was nine months pregnant with my son Levi, who will soon be driving a car, I bought by first bag of Huggies and when I opened that very first bag and saw that teeny weeny newborn diaper it was love at first sight!  You were always there to support and protect.  I still feel guilty for that one time I cheated on you with Pampers but it's not my fault someone gave me a package for a baby gift by it was just that one time and I don't think you really ever got over it.  Especially when I would get those random single samples in the mail.

For that I am truly sorry because I have been loyal to you for one and a half decades of my life. I was with you even before Little Swimmers and when you went through a midlife crisis with your jean diapers.  So from newborn to Pull Ups you have shared with me 2.5 years with each of my five kids.  You have been there day and night through soggy and dry times.  And though each time we get back together for 2 or 3 years and then go our separate ways this will be the last time.  It's over for good!

You are really trying to hang on this last time, like yesterday when Ellie pooed her pants and you weren't around and it fell on the floor and stuck to her leg I had a moment of weakness and went back to you.  For all the years you put up with sh#t and didn't complain I will always love you but it's time for you to be a Little Mover and Move on.

Huggies used to be called Kimbies and we even named our baby Ellie Kimbi.  That's just how much you mean to me.  So dear Huggies thanks for the past 15 years you have been in my life.  Good bye Princess Pull Ups. See you again when we have grandkids in at least another decade! I really Enjoyed the Ride!!

One of our many Huggies adventures where we put a pull up through the wash.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All's Fair in Love and Carnival Games


We took our annual family outing to the exhibition surprisingly enough Levi went with us.  He ditched us by the time we were at the front gates as he met up with a girl and he was WAY to cool to be seen with his family.  Little did he know that we were running behind him to catch up!
 I asked Pat earlier in the day, "So, what's on the menu for the ex?"  His reply, " More like what's not on the menu?"  We barely made it in the gates and we were getting free chips and pops. 
 Levi found another girl to go through the haunted house with.  He was amazed we managed to catch up with him.  I went to a psychic at the fair who told me my oldest son was going to pick a career that suprised me and that he would be a protector.  I thought that was interesting as Levi has recently talked about an interest in the RCMP. 
 Remember Levi Mommy is always watching.  Muhhahahahaha!
 The fearless duo makes it out in one piece.
 Followed by big brother Levi. 
 I feel my stomach turn a little as my babies are hoisted hundreds of feet in the air and spun around with only a lose bolt between them and the ground bellow.  What happened to me I use to be fearless and daring riding all the rides now I have to look away! Yes the motherhood gene has taken hold of my brain. 
 Are you sure I am to short to ride this ride? 

 My babies!!!
 This is a little better pace for poor Mama's heart. 

 Carson finds a friend! We haven't seen you in ages MB!
 Daddy's Princess!
 I didn't even get a wrist band so it was Dad on the rides all day.  I was behind the camera. 
 Great to see the kids getting along!
 Taking in some of the animal and 4-H portion of the fair. 

 Carson is a ladies man!

Little miss Ellie May!

 The kids had a big visit with "Boss Hog" after the Ken Jen show.  They do celebrity pig racing at fairs across Canada and the animals are named after local celebrities and politicians! 
 Ellie tells him she is 2!
 So cute!
 Carson on a scary ride. 
 Even the ATM is fun!
 Party on Pat!
 I just realized how dirty Kelsey's feet are. 
 Yup you are going to need a bath. 
 The face of someone loving the fair. 
 The face when we tell them it's time to leave the fair. 
 When you play against your kids do you ever just let them win?  Let's see if Pat is that kind of Dad. 
 Nope Dad is the winner!
 But then he gives the prize to his princess.  Points for that. 
 One last bit to eat before we go.  The final tally was Popcorn Chicken, Wurly Chips, Corn Dogs, Pretzel, Chips, SnoCones, Mini Donuts, Elephant Ears, Lemonade, Fudge, Candied Nuts,  Popcorn.  And that was just Pat ;)
 Messy Faces and Fingers.  We should find one of our good friends wearing a white jacket and tell the kids to hug her. 
 As luck would have it there is one now.  And yes she's a cougar!
 The friendly staff of Golden West Radio always supporting our local events!
 Let's clean up before we go.  It was another great year!  Now home for tubs and Pepto Bismol. Of course we will have to come back for Levi as he was too cool to leave at 9 which meant mom had to set her alarm for midnight and then while driving to get him hit a deer and dented the van!  See you again next year.