Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's All in the Name

If you have a blog with blogger you can customize your address to be your own custom domain name. When you log into blogger in your "Dashboard" click on "Settings"

Click on "Custom Domain". It will prompt you to "Buy a domain for your blog" You can search to see if a certain address is available and for $10 register that website name for one year. It makes it much easier if you are trying to tell someone where to see your blog.

I had the time of my life....

The evening started with Uncle Pecker coming to take the kids swimming.

Pat and I waiting for the my surprise.

Oh my goodness it is a limo.

Our neighbor was yelling at Pat to get the limo out of there before his wife saw it and got any ideas!

The happy couple. At this point I was still unsure of the destination. All I was told was wear comfy clothes and that we would be gone one night. I was thinking maybe Moose Jaw, Cypress, the Star Restaurant in Maple Creek. Pat told the driver to go "West". I was really annoying with the million questions about where were we going and how would get home and who was watching the kids. Pat told me just to sit back and enjoy the ride. At Webb we turned South and I thought we were going to the States. Did Pat bring the passports? Then the limo turned around and headed back to Swift. Yes that is right we took a half hour limo ride out of town and back to go five blocks from our house. What a guy so full of awesome surprises!!

We arrived at the Best Western where Pat had stopped already and checked in and made some very special arrangements.

I opened the door to this beautiful arrangement from Poppy at Smart Flowers.

What a cute date!

Knock Knock.....Who could that be? I thought maybe Pam and Dale as we have spent our last two anniversaries with them. Nope it is Kelly from Pic A Deli behind door #1.

Seared Tuna Salad with a salad dressing that had some "kick"MMMMM

The meal was beyond fantastic. Lobster tail in phylo pastry, rice pilaf, butternut squash, Parmesan zucchini which was to die for and the tastiest tomato I have ever eaten.

Check out the presentation. Chocolate cakes with delicious fresh raspberries and a vanilla custard drizzle. Kelly even picked the red wine to accompany the meal.

It was that good ( I licked the plate)

The Jaccuzzi Suite. Pat even brought in pretend tea light candles. All the pictures after this point are censored and in the private collection! :)

There was also one special gift in the room that was a suprise to both of us. Barb that Pat works with snuck a gift bag into our room containing an item we had to make sure to hide from our kids when we returned this morning. Thanks Mark and Barb!!
Speaking of gifts if all of this was not enough Pat even bought me the most thoughtful piece of jewelry from Silpada (Karen Turton) it has five charms that represent the five kids and he got each charm engraved with their initials. It is so special. I love it!! With five kids on it I feel a little like Flava Flav.

I would just like to say a special thanks to my husband for making this day so unbeliebably special. It meant the world to me. I would also like to thank our awesome friends who helped make it happen, Brian, Lori, Clayton, Rich, Tyler, Kev, Kari,Vanna, and all the businesses that were involved where just as excited as us. D+W Limo, Best Western, Kelly Law, Karen Turton, Tayberrys in Gull Lake and Poppy Parsons. Wow this will be hard to top for our 10 year next year. I guess I better start planning now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pat Rokochy- International Man of Mystery

Today is the anniversary of the happiest day of my life. I married the love of my life in fabulous Foam Lake Saskatchewan nine years ago today on a day much like today. We were surrounded by family and friends and perogies. Foam Lake is a very special place where wedding banquets are synonomous with amazing food. It was also the first time I ever saw a receiving line where the wedding party lined up after the bride groom and parents to hand out shooters to the guests. That's one way to get the party started. My conservative lawyer cousin who I adore got up to give the toast to the bride and was wearing leather pants so you know eveyone was letting loose!
Even before our wedding day Patrick was keeping secrets (good ones). My whole family knew he was going to ask me to marry him even before I did. Patrick was in Davidson for the weekend at our niece's first birthday and after we said our "Good Byes" he stuck around to ask my brother's permission to ask me to marry him. (since my Dad is gone I guess he considered my oldest brother the man of the family) He shrugged his shoulders nonchaulantly and grunted , " I guess so. She has never listened to me before so I don't know why she would start now. " Pat was touched I am sure but then my bro stuck out his hand and shook Pat's and said "congratulations and welcome to the family!" He was probably happy someone was taking me off their hands and out of town too! Pat then headed out of town and called my Mom in secret. He said for her to meet him at the Husky outside of town and to not tell me. She made up some excuse about going to show a house and snuck away. Mom figured with Pat was getting gas to go back to LeRoy and ran out of money, that he was embarrassed and had to call her to come pay for his gas that is why he didn't want me to know. When she got there she was supriesed he asked for my hand in marriage. My mom was shocked but gave him her blessing. I would have loved to be there to see the hug scene that followed as Pat and his family are big huggers and my mom has a severe hugging alergy. (don't worry she carries and epi pen)

So for two weeks before the big day of the proposal I had no idea. I wish someone would have given me a heads up. He asked me to marry him at our cabin in Fishing Lake at his parent's 50th birthdays in front of about 50 people. If I had known I may have brushed my hair and put on something other than a sweatshirt for the occasion.

Even on our Wedding day Pat was keeping me in the dark with mysterious plans and secrets. Most grooms don't really want to have that much input into wedding planning they just say, "tell me what time and what to wear and I will be there." Not my Patty. We had a battle over picking the place settings when we registered for wedding gifts (he won). And for the day of the wedding he picked our first song. When the DJ called me to make arrangements and asked about the first dance I told him, "You will have to talk to my fiance." Pat had chosen our first dance song and wanted it to be a suprise. It was a by West Life and was called "Swear it Again". The real suprise was I had never heard the song before! It is a beautiful song and I love the lyrics and it meant a lot that Pat picked it out and that made it so special.

Sometimes after the wedding the romance fizzles when kids come along and life gets busy. Pat and I were determined not to put eachother on the back burner so every year we take turns planning something special for our anniversary. We have been to Calgary, Lake Louise, Moose Jaw, Greek Nite. We have gone on scavenger hunts, arranged babysitters for suprise massages just to name a few. Last year however I hit the Anniversary jackpot when I gave birth to our beautiful miracle baby Ellie. I told Pat to try to top that for an anniversary present and it looks like he is going to put in a good effort. I have been trying to figure out what is going on for a week I asked him how I should prepare for the day and he gave me no clues and left for work. He returned home ten minutes later with a coffee muffins and a note....... Mysterious man I have. I am excited about the day to come!
Here are some shots from Ellie's party. We had to take a few shots for the album so Ellie knows we put in some effort. Uncle Pecker was Ellie's one special little friend. Olivia made a card and got a toy out of the basement and put it in a gift bag. Brilliant that is what we should do every year. Ellie loved it.

Uncle Pecker gave Ellie a real present. So cute! Ellie got one other real present from her sweet cousin in Foam Lake who just so happens to share the same birthday as Ellie! She sewed a quilted pillow for Ellie. She is so excited to have a birthday twin.

I left the cake in the container because I wanted to do Ellie's first birthday photo shoot with a cake so no one got a piece. That didn't go over so well with the siblings!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tummy Tuesday- Poop Happens

One year ago today I was in labour. I can think of no better tribute to that beautiful event then to talk at lenght about pooping during labour. I know Miss K is going to love this but hey after a whole mushy post about her yesterday she will probably let this one slide.

Put a group of women in the room and if they have children or if someone in the group is pregnant the conversation will eventually get around to labour stories. Some try to sugar coat labour to save expectant moms from any unnecessary pre labour anxiety others relish the opportunity to tell their tales of pain and gore like they are reciting scenes from Nightmare on Elmstreet. One of the fears of expectant mothers whether they will admit it or not is that they are going to poop on the delivery table. Well I am here to tell you that it is not a big deal and you should really stop worrying about it. If you are pregnant don't spend one minute stressing out about pushing out more than just your baby.

Here is the truth. We all poop. Whether you are old or young pregnant or not everyone poops. The queen poops, Megan Fox, who is wicked hot and guys love her she poops and editors still put +her on the covers of magazines. The doctor delivering your baby just pooped this morning so did the nurse and they don't care if while you are pushing that you do. In fact if that happens that means you are doing it right.

We live in a society where we dog owners follow around their pets through the park with a plastic baggie. We stand and watch them do their business and when they are finished we pat them on their head and say "good job and way to go" Pooping is a celebration! Yet mention it to someone who is in their ninth month of pregnancy and they panic.

Nobody in the history of parenting has ever sent out an announcement to their friends and family with this Caption:

"It's a Girl! Fred and Sally are pleased to announce the birth of a beautiful girl. Sally pushed out a eight pound five ounce girl and some poop....six ounces to be exact. "

My point is everyone is focusing on the baby and no one in the delivery room cares about anything but you and the baby. Besides for the next two years all you are going to do on a daily basis is deal with poop. The first time your baby poops prepare yourself for what can only be described as a molasses explosion. You lift your babies legs up and it is like a tube of toothpaste that just keeps coming. The baby's first poop is called "meconium" and is intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, bile, and water. Meconium is almost sterile, unlike later feces, is viscous and sticky like tar, and has no odor.

So here is my advice for preparing for your birth.

When you are in the last month of your pregnancy, do not go out for a huge Mexican meal.

Don't invite anyone into the delivery room who has never seen you naked or pooping. (Parents, spouses, kids, doctors and nurses all fall into the acceptable category.)

Have your husband chose his video camera angle carefully. My brother once descibed watching his wife give birth was like, "watching his favorite restaurant blow up in his face." ( I guess that is somewhere you really enjoy going but maybe he just lost his appetitie.)

Do not try to get off the bed when you are 10 cm because you have to visit the little ladies room. If you weren't embarrassed to puke in the sink of the bar that one time you got drunk and your friends had to clean you up and take you home then this should be a breeze. At least this time you get something really awesome at the end of the embarrassing story.

Wear socks in labour. You never feel truly naked when you are wearing socks.

No matter what your birthing plan is be ready for changes even if you are that Dugger Lady who is a baby cannon with a clown car crotch that kids just jump out of and this is your 19th delivery you still might not know exactly what is going to happen. She probably will just poop out this newest little baby or bend down to tie her shoes and it will just fall out like on a bungie cord.....

Just know the most important thing is that at the end of it all the process is nothing less than a miracle....Poop and all.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Special K

This weekend was a girl's road trip to Foam Lake for a Breast Friends fundraiser for breast cancer patients in Mexico and for the Look Good Feel better campaign. (stay tuned for a full report)

On the way through Olivia and I stopped in Regina to cheer on Miss K who is a second year player for the U of R Cougar Women's Soccer team! On the way there I was practicing my post game motivational speech about how sitting on the bench builds character. I played volleyball at U of R the four years I went and spent so much time on the bench taking stats or at the end of the bench warming up to go in and then the coach would say, "Hey Corla you can sit back down." My friends and family knew if they wanted to see me in action they had better be there early. I was the only athlete that had the crowd cheering in warm up!

I was going to tell Miss K that sitting on the bench builds character and playing University sports looks good on your resume whether you were a starter or not. I was also prepared to tell her that it doesn't matter if you win the game as long as you put your heart into it. In the four years I was at school our conference only included U of M and U of W. They were #1 and #2 in the country. In the four years our team never won a single match in regular season play.

Alas all the preparation for the pep talk was in vain. Miss K played the entire second half of the game we watched and her Coach picked her to be the "Extreme Pita Player of the Game." The Cougars also won one of the two matches this weekend. Her mom made a bag of treats for Olivia and I and I passed my camera off to her Dad so I could kick back and cheer for good old #9. We won some t shirts and I even ran into one of my professors from 20 years ago. It takes a lot of dedication to play University Sports and keep up a good average at the same time! I couldn't be more proud. Hurray Hurray for Miss K! You do Swift Current Proud little lady.
The Coach cheering the girls on...

# 9 in your program #1 in your heart!

So excited to be there!

Look out she is right behind you!

Give me a "D" give me a fence

This one is worth zooming in "Tyra" close. Is that a "Smize" you are doing for the camera?

Some love for the fans!
Go Cougars Kakakakakaka. Cougars for Life!

And finally what kind of blog post would this be without a super embarrasing picture of me? Here I am at the peak of my volleyball career. Green bun huggers and all. Do you see the crowd in the background! Yeah those were the days. ( I hope this post wasn't to much like Madonna talking about Michael Jackson. ( Miss K goes to U of R so did I..... Miss K lives in Res so did I ....Miss K is in education.... So was I. Miss K is a was I. )

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mom's little Helper

Friday is not a day for complaining about housework. I have done enough of that already this week. I guess you can just flip your perspective if you choose to. If your house is a mess be grateful you have a home to live in, if you have children fighting and running through your neat and tidy house be glad they are healthy and safe, if you look out your kitchen window and see a crack and an inch of dirt be glad that you have your eyesight, if your pants are too tight after you wash them be glad you have food to eat. I decided to hunker down and get to work on the house today. I even put Ellie to work!
When I look at this picture I can hardly see the broken dirty window because I would rather look at my sweet little helper.
I have to go in "Tyra close" on this one. She is clapping her hands and the water is spraying. This girl definitely smiles with her eyes!Going for a ride on the vaccuum.
Hey didn't you read "Mom's Laundry Rules" although the lighting is great and I love the reflection in the door!
Don't get lost in the pile.
Get to work!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Mother of Invention

I believe that Laundry is the butt hole of all domestic chores. In fact it may even be the hemorrhoid. There is no glory in the job of laundry, in fact quite the contrary. Upon completion of the task I present my children with a stack of clean folded clothes and do I get a hug, smile, high five, of a big "Thanks Mom!" Nope they just roll their eyes and sigh knowing they have to put the clothes into the drawers that is unless they have learned to jump into the drawers themselves ( sounding a bit like my mother there)

My husband and I split the household chores and somehow he seems to get the glorious jobs. Cooking meals involves everyone gathering together in anticipation at parties or our nightly family supper. The kids lick their lips in anticipation and throw out suggestions of what Dad should make. We all sit together and appreciate the hard work that went into a meal, say thank you and then help clean up. "Glorious!"
He also does the yard work which lets the whole neighborhood know. I am a busy guy taking care of my family. Passing cars honk, neighbors admire and even offer him a beer at the end of a job well done so they can sit back and admire...well.. grass. Every time we attend a fundraiser I will undoubtedly find Patrick at the silent auction table bidding on some "gas powered, destructive, dangerous man tool" for the lawn. He talks the previously mentioned neighbor into going "halvsies" the grass mulching machine that cuts and sprays and requires goggles much to our children's delight and my horror. It is all for a good cause he assures me..."Glorious!"

I am stuck at the back of the house surrounded by stinking, dirty, piles and piles of clothes which are covered in all manner of human body fluids. I believe the piles are like Gremlins if you get them wet they just multiply. Come on give me a deck to build with tools, something social you can invite buddies to assist with and then upon completion I can call people over to admire what I have done. No one has ever stopped by to admire my piles of clean folded one. I think that is why in the old days women would hang clothes out to dry. It was a sign to all the neighbors, "Hey I am working in here that's right I am busy busy and I take good care of my family." Maybe I will move my laundry room to a see through bubble in the back yard and people passing by could wave and toss me food every once and a while. My teenager complains that my laundry room is in his bedroom and I have to remind him that actually his bed is in my laundry room.

In my house, because the duty of laundry belongs solely to me every other family member takes advantage of the situation by taking absolutely anything off their bedroom floor and putting it in the hamper and will then declare their room clean and read for inspection. My husband is especially guilty of this domestic crime. I am so pleased to come home to a clean bedroom until I realize in the hallway there are four belts, 2 Halloween costumes, every outfit I tried on for my ladies splurge night and piled in the corner, blankets, clean clothes and a fancy velvet dress. The laundry hamper is not a "Get out of cleaning your room Free card!" Once clothes are on the pile in my house whether they should be there or not they must be washed. That pile just becomes one giant cesspool of bum and armpit smell.

And don't get me started on socks. I love the summer because no one needs to wear socks. No sorting, matching, or dumping out the sock box to just settle for any combination of socks that is close after 10 minutes of searching. Growing up I vowed to myself that I would NEVER have a sock box. The amount of my youth that was wasted in the endless search for two matching socks is too terrible for me to recall. The only benefit of winter is being able to wear tights and if I could bear the thought of my husband wedged into a pair of my tights and still have romantic feelings for him I would insist we get rid of socks all together.

In our family the seven of us wear 2 socks a day so in a week I am forced to contend with 98 socks. Is there any wonder I can't find two matching ones. Well necessity is the mother of invention so stayed tuned in the fall when I present my newest invention to the good people at "Dragon's Den" Idiot socks.... You know what idiot mittens are right? Well these are idiot socks with a string up the pantleg.

Here is the website I registered. Stay tuned for design and ordering information and together we can put an end to Sock Boxes across this great Nation......."GLORIOUS!"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mom's Laundry Rules

I have been a mother for the last 13 years. An extremely conservative estimate would be that I have done 1-2 loads of laundry a day which would mean I have washed, dried, folded and put away between 5-10 thousand loads of laundry. By the time Ellie graduates in 17 years I will have done another 7-14 thousand loads of dirty stinkin laundry.

This being said let me share with you the new sign above my washer and dryer

Corla's Laundry Rules

1 Just because it is on the floor does not mean it is dirty.

2 If you leave it on the floor the dog will most definitely pee or poop on it and then it will be dirty so if you have ignored rule 1 and there is poo on the clothes please shake them off before putting them in the pile.

3 Clean clothes left in a pile with stinky dirty clothes will eventually become stinky and dirty too through some crazy stink osmosis. If mom finds folded clean clothes in the dirty clothes pile one more time you will be going to school/work in your Halloween costume because I will donate all your other clothes to charity until you learn to appreciate them. This will only work to your advantage one day a year so don't test me.

4 Anything found in the laundry becomes property of the person doing said laundry (MOM) This specifically includes money! I have a collection of dimes and quarters and one day when you come home from school and drop your shoes, jacket and backpack one inch inside the door you will call me and all you will find is a note on the table that says, "Gone on a holiday to Jamaica with the laundry money. Make yourself a snack. Love MOM"

5 The following things DO NOT belong in a washing machine or a dryer
Ipods, small animals, small children, diapers, pull ups, rocks from the playground, kleenex, toilet paper, pens, playdough, muffins, notes from school, blackberries, gum or chocolate bars.

6 If it comes out wrinkled don't iron it just put it back in the dryer with a wet towel.

7 Hockey equipment and the middle school gym strip must be washed and dried alone. Better yet take it to the laundromat. That stink should be someone else's problem. This to me trying to get the smell out is a useless endeavor much like shovelling while it is still snowing.

8 If it is in the pile don't sniff it just wash it. The smell of bum creeps up into your brain and stays with you all day.

9 If you run out of laundry soap do not use shampoo, hand or dish soap or bubble bath.

10 If you run the washing machine with no clothes in it you are having a "mommy brain day" Go directly to the couch and put your feet up.

11 The Dryer is a very bad hiding spot.

12 If there is puke on the sheets shake it out before you wash it or you will be picking corn and hot dog chunks out afterwards take my word for it. Better yet throw the sheets in the garbage and buy new ones.

Love Your Mother!

Monday, October 19, 2009

If I were a boy......

***This post is edited to say, I know it says that I posted Monday but blogger keeps reseting my time and I posted Funday Monday on Monday and this one on Tuesday!****

A busy day again getting the study ready and ordering more products! Now I need some shelves to put them on. Our family hit another Fall Supper on the "South Side". Pat and Levi bought the tickets at six and the rest of us rolled in shortly after but unfortunately we still had to wait until almost seven to get down to the basement for our turn. Fortunately there was some festive fiddle and piano playing to keep us amused. When the band quit to go eat things got a little tense. Ellie wokeup and Carson crashed into Kelsey and almost split open his head in the exact place he did last October just in time to look scary for Halloween. It was worth the wait the food was hot and delicious. ( Just like Patty)

Pat took all five kids home for tub, homework and jammies while I exited stage left to head to my studio to set up a book shelf. Now I am realizing there is a difference between guys and girls. Girls need to go to the bathroom in groups of at least two who knows what you might need to borrow out of your friends purse. Boys need to do chores in groups of at least two. Who knows what you might need to borrow from your friend's tool box and what you will need to pay your friend for his work is a punch to the arm, a lot of beer and a promise to be there when he calls you.

If a guy has to blow out his sprinklers, take an old fridge to the dump, build a deck, put together anything with more than 10 pieces and 2 sheets of directions it is imperative that there is some other man there. Not his wife or his helpful kids but a full grown, facial hair and plaid work jacket and boots, maybe even a tool belt man! Girls don't work like that I tried. You send out that email at 4 oclock and say meet me at 7:30 to build a bookshelf and I will buy you a beer and you are building those shelves alone. Girls need time to plan, get a sitter, make a casserole, pick out an outfit and then if they do make the time to go out it is usually for a party of some description where we eat to much drink moderately and sensibly and sift through a catalog in order to buy something. Don't get me wrong I love me a good party and any women need an excuse to get together or we don't do it at all so if the price I have to pay is buying candles, tuperware, jewelry, vitamins, makeup, or even adult novelty items ( I have been to all of these "parties") then bring it on.

I can just see my husband sending out this email.

Party at Pat's Place
Come and check out Steve's newest line of tools. More than just hammers and wrenches look through our catalog at the hundreds of great items any man would want in his garage. If you book your own tool show you will receive a 10 piece ratchet set that is magnetic to stick to your beer fridge. ( Or something real manly like that)
Finger food and punch served at 7
Presentation and Demo at 8
Home to the Wife and kids by 9!

Come on girls we just have to start getting out of the house for no reason like the guys have been doing for hundreds of years. They are completely capable of doing things themselves but have got this whole get your buddy out of the house conspiracy going on. So this weekend when your husband is in the middle of raking the leaves and putting antifreeze into something yell into the backyard, "Honey, I gotta run out Kari is having a Cheesecake emergency and needs to borrow my candy thermometer and then phone him from the Big Eye at 3am and tell him you need a ride home"

Just do it! We can be the change we want to see in the world! Do it for your daughter's generation if not for yourself.

Eight million pieces and instructions in Korean.
I love me the power tools.

Wait let me turn into the light and "Smize"

That's how I roll.

Whoo break time. Isn't this fun?

All done!
Now we are so happy we do the dance of joy!!
More like the "Elaine" That's my specialty
With my new baby hats.


The best part of it all was hanging out at my nice quiet studio while Pat got the kids to bed and I came home and he had run me a nice warm tub.