Monday, October 19, 2009

If I were a boy......

***This post is edited to say, I know it says that I posted Monday but blogger keeps reseting my time and I posted Funday Monday on Monday and this one on Tuesday!****

A busy day again getting the study ready and ordering more products! Now I need some shelves to put them on. Our family hit another Fall Supper on the "South Side". Pat and Levi bought the tickets at six and the rest of us rolled in shortly after but unfortunately we still had to wait until almost seven to get down to the basement for our turn. Fortunately there was some festive fiddle and piano playing to keep us amused. When the band quit to go eat things got a little tense. Ellie wokeup and Carson crashed into Kelsey and almost split open his head in the exact place he did last October just in time to look scary for Halloween. It was worth the wait the food was hot and delicious. ( Just like Patty)

Pat took all five kids home for tub, homework and jammies while I exited stage left to head to my studio to set up a book shelf. Now I am realizing there is a difference between guys and girls. Girls need to go to the bathroom in groups of at least two who knows what you might need to borrow out of your friends purse. Boys need to do chores in groups of at least two. Who knows what you might need to borrow from your friend's tool box and what you will need to pay your friend for his work is a punch to the arm, a lot of beer and a promise to be there when he calls you.

If a guy has to blow out his sprinklers, take an old fridge to the dump, build a deck, put together anything with more than 10 pieces and 2 sheets of directions it is imperative that there is some other man there. Not his wife or his helpful kids but a full grown, facial hair and plaid work jacket and boots, maybe even a tool belt man! Girls don't work like that I tried. You send out that email at 4 oclock and say meet me at 7:30 to build a bookshelf and I will buy you a beer and you are building those shelves alone. Girls need time to plan, get a sitter, make a casserole, pick out an outfit and then if they do make the time to go out it is usually for a party of some description where we eat to much drink moderately and sensibly and sift through a catalog in order to buy something. Don't get me wrong I love me a good party and any women need an excuse to get together or we don't do it at all so if the price I have to pay is buying candles, tuperware, jewelry, vitamins, makeup, or even adult novelty items ( I have been to all of these "parties") then bring it on.

I can just see my husband sending out this email.

Party at Pat's Place
Come and check out Steve's newest line of tools. More than just hammers and wrenches look through our catalog at the hundreds of great items any man would want in his garage. If you book your own tool show you will receive a 10 piece ratchet set that is magnetic to stick to your beer fridge. ( Or something real manly like that)
Finger food and punch served at 7
Presentation and Demo at 8
Home to the Wife and kids by 9!

Come on girls we just have to start getting out of the house for no reason like the guys have been doing for hundreds of years. They are completely capable of doing things themselves but have got this whole get your buddy out of the house conspiracy going on. So this weekend when your husband is in the middle of raking the leaves and putting antifreeze into something yell into the backyard, "Honey, I gotta run out Kari is having a Cheesecake emergency and needs to borrow my candy thermometer and then phone him from the Big Eye at 3am and tell him you need a ride home"

Just do it! We can be the change we want to see in the world! Do it for your daughter's generation if not for yourself.

Eight million pieces and instructions in Korean.
I love me the power tools.

Wait let me turn into the light and "Smize"

That's how I roll.

Whoo break time. Isn't this fun?

All done!
Now we are so happy we do the dance of joy!!
More like the "Elaine" That's my specialty
With my new baby hats.


The best part of it all was hanging out at my nice quiet studio while Pat got the kids to bed and I came home and he had run me a nice warm tub.

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Nice Shelves! You go girl!