Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MomGyver Diaper- Reader Submission

Here is my give away Monday that was pre-empted by my 100th post! Congratulations to Heather for winning the free session and 8x10. If you have a funny story or photo you would like to share please email me at Such a funny story I am glad I am not the only one this stuff happens to.

Anyway, the real reason that I was emailing is that I thought of you as MomGyver last weekend on my way home to Regina from Calgary. Here is my story. I wish I would've taken a picture, but my camera phone wasn't working, and my flight was boarding right away and I didn't want to dig my camera out of my bag, although in hindsight, I probably did have time, but was so flustered that I was not thinking logically! I got to the airport quite early, so I had three hours until my flight left. Anyway, shortly before the flight, I went to change Wes' poopy diaper, and discovered that I didn't actually have any diapers...and it was a stinky one, so I couldn't just leave it on for the ride home.

So, I wander down to the book/misc. store and they didn't have diapers, or anything I could've used, and neither did anyone else on this side of security. So back to the baby room I went to tear apart our bags. I did have an extra diaper shirt (that coincidentally said iPood on it), and a pair of pants, so I thought I'd use the shirt as a diaper, and got it all on and decided that wasn't going to hold much, so I found a pad (not the good overnight kind, but the thin-days kind) and stuck it to the diaper shirt, and did up the 'diaper' but it wasn't really holding, so I used two panty liners to tape the 'diaper' shut, and put on his new pants. We were going to the gate, when I thought that probably wouldn't be enough either, so I went back to the book store and bought a 5.00 magazine so that I could get a bag and back to the baby room we went. I poked holes in the corner of the bag for his legs and put the bag on top of his 'diaper', and carefully jammed the thing all over so it wouldn't stick out of the top of his pants and off we went. It held until just before our descent into Regina when he slid off of the seat and left a streak of pee behind...ahahhh...the lady sitting next to him noticed so I had to tell her my story, and then held Wes the rest of the way complete with a wet arm. His socks were even wet, poor guy. He had so much liquid on the plane too because he was acting up (and bottles do wanders at calming him down) and I wanted him sucking on a bottle on takeoff, so that didn't help either. So, when we seen Ryan, I sent him off to change Wes and before he went into the bathroom, I told him not to throw away the shirt...he just looked at me funny! Hopefully nobody seen him peeling off maxi pads and liners off a completely soaked shirt, strapped to his little boys bum! lol too funny! We were happy to get home. Your blog always gives me a laugh, or a 'yeah, I totally understand', that I thought maybe my story could brighten your day! Congrats on moving into your new studio, and great pictures!
Take Care & Keep Blogging,Heather

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