Friday, August 27, 2010

The end of the Mom Bun

The end of the summer means the end of flip flops, bathing suits, beach cover ups and buns being acceptable shopping attire. I decided with Ellie turning two I had no excuse to not make an effort to look better. Step one get a haircut....Step two everything else.

Here I am in the back alley behind my studio right after my haircut with professional styling. The box of Labatt's Lite in the background is not mine.
I think my hair may be somewhat Jon inspired.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life's a Picnic

When we sit down as a family and look back through these pictures I hope the kids have fond memories of their childhood. I am glad that I am only capturing still, silent images. Our life seems so much more serene when looking from the outside. You don't see how I found the picinic basket a week later in the van and how the sandwiches smelt after seven days in a hot vehicle.

Or the trip out to Gull Lake with about a million, " He's touching me! He's looking at me. She punched me. " Not to mention that I had to drag the teenager kicking and screaming away from his video games. I think they have become his new umbilcal cord as he seems to need to be attached to them to survive. The worst part is he can outlast us so last night I flipped the light to the basement and said, "Bed, Now! No more video games" Then I prompty went to bed and fell asleep until at 2 am when he snuck into our room to get the dog to sleep with. What an awful criminal he is. If you are going to stay up 3 hours past bedtime don't come and wake me up! Arggggg.

We love to go meet Dad for lunch. This is the Gull Lake Park. It was beautiful.

The Penny Carnival to wrap up the Play Park Program. It was raining so they held it indoors. I forgot my purse so we had to dig in the change cup of the van to scrounge together enough sticky coins to play the games.

Lost and lonely!

Indeed life is much quieter in pictures and it freezes that moment as too many are passing by. Our little boy Kelsey turned seven this morning! Lucky number seven. Happy Birthday, We love you Kelsey.

Little Kermie
Yes Kelsey in a dress. I love to play dress up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movie Mayhem

Here is the Rokochy Road show. The second annual trip out to the Clear Water Drive In Movie Theatre. Thanks to Cypress Motors and the radio station for sponsoring The Karate Kid!

The welcoming committee.
Love the screen in the middle of a prairie field and the playground equipment right there.

We have such a great group of friends. The kids all take care of eachother. This picture reminded me that Mr. T. Was one of Ellie's very first visitors. Look how they've grown!
Here they are almost two years ago!
What is with my kid and bare feet on the playground?

Good Old Saskatchewan Playground. The rock pile is fun for everyone.

Dare devil.
Kelsey are you as big as the screen?
The crew from the radio station taking in the entries for all the great give aways.
The bales are a great place to play and you can hide back there and pee too if you don't want to use the outhouse.
MMMMMM treats. I wonder how long until she spills?
Other fun waiting for the movie.
Bale jumping for the teens.
Yup and there it is spilled popcorn.

What??? Who is that lady in the picture. Oh yeah it's me. I rarely see the other side of the camera.

And guess who was the big winner of 2 tickets to the Labour day game???? Kelsey and he wants to take his Mommy! Aww how sweet.
Winner winner chicken dinner.
A big thanks to the staff of the Golden West Radio!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When are you going to be on Dragon's Den???

I am so glad that people know we went to Dragon's Den. Every day people ask when our episode will air. Here's the answer!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eye Exam?? I think I should get my head examined.

It is that time of year again, back to school which means looking at the board. I noticed Olivia has been squinting so I decided to take the kids to Optical Image for their yearly eye exams. Why not book four appointments in a row and take Ellie along too!

This is what happens when you try to blowdry your hair so you don't have a "mom bun" for once and let your one year old dress herself. Only one shoe and it's on the wrong foot and how about a sandal through the third toe? Hair ties for bracelets completes the look.
I bought Carson gum yesterday and said he could have it after his eye exam. He doesn't listen and had it for breakfast. He thought it would look nice as a moustache. Ellie swallowed four pieces of gum during the eye exams which still didn't keep her quiet.
Levi complains that he doesn't get enough "blog face time" but then every picture I take of him he is either annoyed or it is embarrassing so what can I do?

Here are his size 34 shorts that he made me buy him which he said fit and he refuses to wear a belt and I don't know cool....
Pants on the ground....

TMZ celebrity sighting outside of Urban Ground. Radio personality Ken Audette.

Hold hands!
They love to touch things even the building I guess.
What a gentleman.

This is the teenage "you're killing me" taking pictures in a public place face.
It will go faster if you cooperate.

Another celebrity sighting I ran into fellow blog superstar Catherine but no time to chat as the kids were dragging me out!

Sometimes brothers and sisters can get along and be nice to eachother.
And sometimes brothers are mean! What a brilliant use of the kid's toys.
See one of her brother's likes her. Look how is admiring her.