Friday, April 27, 2012

The Wascally Wabit!

 Are your kids afraid of mascots and other dress up characters?  I think a bit of fear of a 6 foot pink bunny or a giant old guy with a beard in a red suit is a healthy thing.  It does seem a bit odd to teach your children about "stranger danger" and then stroll them up to giant creatures and tell them to hug and have a picture with a terrifying stranger.

This year at Easter Feaster there was only one kid buying Olivia in a bunny suit and that was Ellie.  She has come a long way in accepting that this enormous rabbit will lead her to chocolate!

Her first Easter Egg Hunt.  

Take two.  She was a little less afraid but still clinging to a human adult. 

 This year the two of them were on a chocolate finding mission!

"Follow me!"
 "I found it!"

 " Do you see it bunny?  It's right there!"
 We let the kids go out by their age to give the little ones a chance. 
 Put the yellow egg in the yellow bag!

 Thanks Bunny!

 Hoppy Easter!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

International Women's Day

One of the best things to come out of Snappy Socks has been the chance to share our story of business, dreams and adventures when I speak to groups.  I have been asked to speak to classrooms, at career fairs, the Kiwanis Club, Beta Sigma Phi and recently at the International Women's Day Celebration.

I love taking my daughter with me to see other women in leadership roles in the community.  Many women at this particular event were spiritual, political, cultural and community leaders from diverse backgrounds.  I was so honored to be able to share with them laughter and inspiration. Not to mention that Olivia and I got to eat cheesecake for supper!

Anne was the M.C. for the night and I appreciate her inviting me to speak. 

Cecile Blanke, a M├ętis woman from Swift Current who takes great pride in the traditions of her culture said a prayer at the event.  
The international choir sang. 

Pat Faulconbridge, Executive Director, Status of Women Office came all the way from Regina to bring greetings and a message of inspiration.  It was an honor for Olivia and I to meet her!

Sharon Dickie - Mayor of Shaunavon also spoke at the event and share a wonderful story of her families' trials, tribulations and triumph in Canada. 
 Now for my turn to tell about photography, raising 5 kids and Dragons' Den.   Patrick always tells me that I talk with my hands but now he has photographic evidence.  And this was toned down hand gestures!!  I had a great time and always love being a part of such positive events!  My next speaking engagement will be at the Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan in May.  If you would like me to speak and wave my arms at your event please email me at 

Celia entertained us with some tunes on the violin. 

Louise became a spontaneous audience participant with the spoons and the bones.  She also volunteered to take the pictures of me speaking. 
The appreciative and diverse crowd. 

Christine from Kiva was next up to share stories and songs from her travels around the world.  She had everyone laughing, singing and participating.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vote Central!

Central School, here in Swift Current, is a part of a great contest by Majesta, where they have the opportunity to win a $20 000.00 outdoor classroom.  You can vote on the website once a day for the next 18 days to help them win and one lucky voter will also win $10 000.00.

The kids have really got on board with signs around town, going door to door and Carson wanted to do something to help so he came up with the idea to do a video to ask for your help.  How can you say no to that face!!

Congrats to everyone for getting this far as we have been flipping from first to second back and forth since the beginning.

Here is the great video that made them a finalist in the contest.

A Local News Story about the kids and the contest.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kids on the Links

I got a call the other day from Elmwood's Golf Pro Jeff Chambers asking if I could "swing" by the driving range with the kids and take some photographs for a magazine article.  The kids and I were up for the challenge! 

The Elmwood Golf Course runs great classes for juniors and the program has grown over the years and as our kids grow too they always look forward to lessons with Jeff, the golf cart rides and of course the treats in the clubhouse.  Jeff has been recognized for his contribution to Junior Golf and our kids have definietly enjoyed the classes and family golf too!  If you missed the sign up at Citywide give them a call at Elmwood to get your kids in the group lessons!

We are all excited to hear if Jeff gets chosen to be on the TV show Big Break as he auditioned last month to get a spot on his show.  He will have a big cheering section of Junior Golfers if he makes it that all look up to him!

The best part of golf is that our whole family ages 6-60 are able to play together and enjoy fun, family, fresh air and fitness!