Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer's Here!

Here is the lowdown on what we have been up to so far this summer. Can you believe it is a quarter over already! We started the summer off with Kimbi's grad. When she came for pictures I just couldn't resist one of all my kids since Colton was down to be her escort! Don't they look great. My mom wanted to put pants on Carson but I thought it was great the "as is" look!

The family spent Canada Day with my brother Jason and Ang and their family which is a annual event. There is no photographic evidence to prove they were here only my brother's emotional scars! Then we took Levi and Olivia to Cirque De Soleil in Saskatoon which was awesome! Jason and Ang were nice enough to take Kelsey and Carson to Davidson for us where Carson decided to poop in their front closet! What a kid.

This is what happens when Dad takes you golfing at 5 am. before work. The pop in his lap spilled allover and when we got home he thought he peed his pants!
"Hey mom can you believe he fell asleep? Let's ditch him and go to the park.
Speaking of golf, I put a team in the United Way golf tournament. Here is a picture that proves I have three friends. ( Ok one is actually my mom and I paid for her to get into the tournament)

They say pregnant ladies golf better but for sure they don't look better.

Now that's how you do it!

Dad and his "mini me" at the tournament

This summer I started writing my first country song. It goes like this :My water heater broke, my microwave don't work. My washer and dryer are on the fritz. My little dog Daph got run over by a truck and my hubby knocked me up for the fifth time...Something Something something...........

Well despite our mechanical errors and the fact that yes Daphne did get run over by a truck! (She is healing up nicely and has learned to walk on her front two feet) we are still having a great time. We spent a few days with Neil and Megan up in North Battleford. They were fantastic hosts! We were all excited to meet Macy Rae especially Carson!

Too Cool for School

Big sister Mia

Baby Macy Rae

The setting sun how romantic...........

Time for a makeout session.