Thursday, November 29, 2012

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

 Tomorrow the first ever "Swiftys" will be announced on Swift Current Online.  One of the categories was "Best Community Event".  You know I love contests and voting so I voted for the Christmas Tree Lighting we will find out at 8 am tomorrow if it wins.  We always have so much fun there.  The weather maybe cold but the hot chocolate, Christmas Carols, roasting marshmallows and the smiles on the kids' faces all warm the heart and more than make up for the cold toes. 

The girls waiting for Santa to arrive.  Ellie was watching Santa get out of the fire truck while Olivia poses for the camera.  
Kelsey was part of his school choir that sang at the tree lighting.  Very proud mom standing in the bushes to photograph the back row. 

 This kids just ditched us to stand by himself for the sleigh ride.  I sent Olivia to check on him and she tied up his toque for him.  Then when he put the strings in his mouth she yanked them out simultaneously yanking lose his first tooth. 
 The kids did a great job singing to a large crowd. 
 The fire fighters handed out marshmallows and we warmed up around the bonfire. 
 Ellie found herself hypnotized by the fire. 
 With the line for Santa being very long I thought Ellie would like to go say hi to Mrs. Claus.  What a nice lady!  Lots of hugs.  Ellie tried to sweet talk her into helping her skip to the front of the line to see Santa. 

 We got hot chocolate from the fabulous Golden West Radio Station. 

 Here is the picture of the horses and sleigh.  This is what happens when your flash hasn't fully recharged. 
Here is one of the perks of shooting in Raw as underneath there is still a lot of information on the file that you can use if you utilize the fill light slider. 

 This is the picture I will show Ellie when she is grown up and tell her we waited in line so she could sit on Santa's knee when in all actuality we did not because her mom and brothers are social butterflies that could not stand in line for too long because we might miss something.  Thanks again to all those involved in making the Annual Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting a success.  It is the kick off to our holiday season and we love it!  We hope you win the Swifty!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Redefining Success- Still Making Mistakes by W. Brett Wilson

Redefining Success- Still Making Mistakes by W. Brett Wilson

 I was running out to my van the other day to take Ellie public skating, when a black package poking out of my mailbox caught my eye.  I was so excited and surprised to open the black bubble wrap to find a signed copy of Brett's book inside! I sat in the lobby of the rink reading the book written by my business partner and mentor and was reminded how lucky I am to be an entrepreneur who can enjoy the balance of time raising my young family while running a business and having a career. 

The book came with a eraser that said "Still Making Mistakes".  

I found the book to be a reflection of Brett himself.  Equal balance of business, family, friends, and philanthropy.  The book is full of inspirational stories.  Brett shares insight from his business life, his personal life and why it is so important for him to pay it forward.  I have been so fortunate to witness all of those things first hand.  He has been an amazing business partner from the very beginning.  He offers advice when requested, he has connected me with so many amazing people and is always encouraging. 

Here is the link to the book's website where you can get a copy of the book, T-Shirts or signed prints!

Page 157-158 Brett talks about Snappy Socks!!
Pat and I were so excited to go to Saskatoon for the Pitch Party last week.  I will post pictures soon from the fun event!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Football Funday!

Four years ago I was watching the last game of Levi's football season and I had to leave to go to a photo ordering session.  I missed him winning the city championships.  After that day, I decided that I would not work on Sundays.  It was one of the best decisions of my 16 year photography career. 

So when Kelsey and his Inferno team took the field for the final time this season, they were ending an undefeated season and I got to cheer them on to victory!!

Grandpa and Grandma were there to watch and we all snuggled together to keep warm.  
 The trophy presentation.

 Proud player.
 Frozen little brother who sat in the truck for most of the game and every time he opened the truck door the truck alarm went off.

 Congratulations to number 51 and coach Pat on a victorious, undefeated season!  I was so glad to be there and cheer.