Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kelsey is Five!!!

Happy Birthday Kelsey my little man!! I was pregnant with Kelsey when we moved to Swift Current so it is amazing to see him grow up and watch the time pass. He will start Kindergarden on Tuesday and he is super duper excited!!! We ended up having two birthday parties because some of the kids couldn't come to the golf course. So yes that means I have had cake three days in a row and like I told Pat yesterday I think my new moto is going to be " A day without cake is a day without sunshine!!"

This picture with the sparklers brings back traumatic memories that I just have to share with you. We were in Foam Lake for Pat's birthday party and I think we had only been married for a month. I was still trying to make a good impressions so I organized a birthday party for Pat and had a cake and the whole bit. I bought birthday hats for the kids and also sparklers. Keeping in mind these kids were 3 years old and younger, I lit all ten sparklers at once because all I had was a barbecue lighter and it would have been way to much work to light them one at a time. I passed out the first sparkler to my three year old niece who immediately dropped the thing on the ground which just happened to land on a napkin under the table which started on fire. Meanwhile, the other 9 sparklers had ignited into a giant sparkling flame in my hand and somehow in the chaos I managed to drop all nine of them onto my inlaws brand new ( I think about two week old) linoleum! The whole family stared in horror as I stomped and bashed the flames with my feet and hands as each individual piece of metal slowly melted into the floor. This is probably one of the low points in my life and why to this day Shannon is the favorite daughter in law at the Rokochy house! But i digress back to Kelsey...

This was the picture that we took to win Kimbi her Ipod and then later that same day she had a crash in the driveway with one of my clients. I can't believe that was already a year ago. I am not sure Ricky Bobbi has recovered!
This is Kelsey at his second birthday. What a doll with that curly blonde hair.

I don't know if I actually have a picture from Kelsey's first birthday but I do remember that I bought him a donut from Tim Hortons and put a candle in the center and that there wasn't actually a cake involved. I was really slacking that year and to think that is only our third kid. What is going to happen on this poor fifth baby's first birthday??

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooking With Corla- Part 1!

Well, another monthly check up with the Dr and another 10 pound weight gain so to celebrate I thought you know what I am going to make a cake! I have official reached my goal weight for the entire pregnancy at 29 weeks. ( I always was an overachiever). Since it is a bazillion degrees outside my first recipe to share with you only uses the microwave and fridge.

This is a longstanding family favorite which you may want to double if you would like it to last more than five minutes

Irma's Junk- Whacha gonna do with all the junk? All the junk.........
Difficulty Raiting- Carson could handle this!

1/2c butter
30 marshmallows
pop it in the microwave in a large glass bowl for about 1:30

2 1/2 c cornflakes
1c coconut
1 c almonds

Squish into a 9x9 lightly buttered pan. Put in fridge until firm or until you can't wait anymore to eat.........MMMMMMMMMMM good

For those of you that are too busy to spend five minutes baking follow this simple recipe that is truly my favorite

Chocolate Chips in the Cupboard

Step 1- Sneak over to the cupboard and open the cupboard. Take Handfulls of chocolate chips and eat.

Repeat if necessary.

Caution- do not let your kids see you do this or they will try to do it too. Unfortunately, Olivia has mastered this recipe!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Cheers for Cousin Kim!!

So my Fabulous cousin Kim does fundraisers for Notre Dame and had a credit to send Levi to Hockey Camp this summer. ( I guess with 5 kids we will take any send a kid to camp program we can get!) I went to pick Levi up and we had a chance to check out Dog River the location of Corner Gas on the way home. Too Cool. Thanks a million Kim. Levi had a great time. I think he owes you a quite a few lawn mows!!
Levi Howling outside the "Howler"

Look at the gas guzzler in the background. Levi better start pumping gas! We filled up to go to Davidson and Levi said to me " Mom, no wonder hutterites only get $10 allowance they have to save all of their money to put gas in these big vehicles!!" He is very perceptive.

My Uncle Wayne is on the "Wall of Fame" as a former student of Notre Dame.
The Dork Room....I mean Dorm Room!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Davidson Days

We are hanging out in Davidson driving my mom slightly crazy.  The terrible two (Olivia and Kelsey) are being occupied each day at "Rec Center"  I told the kids the rec in rec center doesn't mean you go there and wreck things.  I think they just save that for our house.  Levi, Grandma Carson and I have gone out to the golf course a few times and it is all fun until Grandma took a dive out of the golf cart reaching for a ball and kept her foot on the gas peddle!! OUCH.  She is all right.  We are off to Waskesiu this weekend and Levi is going to experience the Notre Dame Hockey School!