Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Cheers for Cousin Kim!!

So my Fabulous cousin Kim does fundraisers for Notre Dame and had a credit to send Levi to Hockey Camp this summer. ( I guess with 5 kids we will take any send a kid to camp program we can get!) I went to pick Levi up and we had a chance to check out Dog River the location of Corner Gas on the way home. Too Cool. Thanks a million Kim. Levi had a great time. I think he owes you a quite a few lawn mows!!
Levi Howling outside the "Howler"

Look at the gas guzzler in the background. Levi better start pumping gas! We filled up to go to Davidson and Levi said to me " Mom, no wonder hutterites only get $10 allowance they have to save all of their money to put gas in these big vehicles!!" He is very perceptive.

My Uncle Wayne is on the "Wall of Fame" as a former student of Notre Dame.
The Dork Room....I mean Dorm Room!

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