Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poppy Day

Yes I am the Queen of contests.  If you have a minute and are on facebook if you could vote for my picture.  The winner receives $10 000.00 and their local school also receives $10 000.00.


Poopy Day link.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grey Cup 100 Train Rolls through Swift Current

The Grey Cup 100 Train Tour rolled into Swift Current this afternoon.  Pat, Ellie and I stopped by for lunch.  Yummy M+M burgers. 

"The train is wrapped in iconic Grey Cup images and the cars include a high-tech showcase for the Grey Cup itself, a museum car that captures a century of Grey Cup history and a team car that celebrates today’s teams and athletes as well as the CFL’s bright future. 

Each location will include appearances by either current Rider players, coaches, staff, alumni, Cheer Team or Gainer the Gopher.  " (taken from the Rider website)

 The local middle school band enter "trained" everyone waiting to climb aboard.  The wait was only about 5-10 minutes outside. 
 The atmosphere was very festive and the volunteers and staff made sure everything moved along efficiently! 
 Inside there were a number of interesting facts, pictures and equipment and uniforms from the good old days. 

In the second there were touch tv screens where you could find a specific year and see the program, ticket, team picture and the name plate from the cup. 
 The 1966 team with my Dad Cliff and Uncle Wayne. 
 The name plaque from the trophy. 
 Outside we had a chance to pose with the cup and see my dad and uncle's name up close!  The staff takes your picture and will email you a copy. 

Such a proud moment.  Even though my Dad is gone I feel like my kids can have a piece of him through the legacy of the 1966 team and that their Grandpa is part of Canadian history. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Splurge Group Ideas

One of the more frequently searched topics on my blog is ideas for Splurge Groups.  We are on our 3rd go around for our splurge group.  The idea is to have 12 members and each month one of the members is in charge of planning a fun activity.  Every month members bring $20 and the person hosting the event takes the money and then "splurges" on something for themselves.  Whether it is a trip to the spa, that new pair of boots you have been admiring in the window of your local store or wine and chocolate.  The main rule is it is not money to be used for your children's soccer fees, the water bill or groceries it is something to treat yourself.  At the next gathering you report in "show and tell" fashion what you spent your splurge money on. 

We have evolved to just bring a bottle of wine for the organizer instead of the $20 as it was sometimes a chore to figure out who had paid and who was missing and collect later.  Some groups have a type of treasurer and write 12 post dated checks.  Others pool their money and then go shopping and use the money they have set aside.  Any way you organize it the point is kid free fun for a few hours.  You must stay out until your children and husband are asleep and sneak quietly back to your home refreshed and recharged!

My last two times planning splurge were polar opposites.  The first was a time when everyone was quite busy and we were unable to find a date that worked so I secretly put together a small gift bag and a card.  I chose someone from our group and bought a few items I thought would be appealing to her, lipgloss a magazine and a few chocolate bars.  I put them in the gift bag and wrote on the card.  " Here is a little something to let you know I hope you have a great day.  Please pass this gift bag on to someone on the list of your choosing in the next week and fill the bag with something you think they would like. "  I listed all the girls' names and checked the person I had given the gift to.

It was fun to hear the reactions as each girl passed on the gift.  Whether they were having a bad day and the gift lifted their spirits or they were caught completely off guard and then were excited to pass it on I loved getting the feedback as the bag traveled around. 

The next time it was my turn to plan splurge just happened to be the same month as my  40th birthday so I planned an overnight trip to Moose Jaw.  I put up a message on Facebook asking for suggestions for great and different things to do in Moose Jaw.  After many glowing recommendations I made a reservation at Kergano's restaurant .  We had such a great time trying new drinks, appetizers and food.  

The staff was great at recommending and customizing.  For me they made a caramel machiato martini.  It had a chocolate covered coffee bean at the bottom.  Delicious!
 Some of the staff was Ukrainian so we enjoyed the dancing and perogies.  He almost lost his sunglasses!
 Then after we were thoroughly fed and watered the staff got up and entertained us with music.  Such a fun atmosphere. 
 They even let us join in and passed out instruments.  After seeing this picture I wish I would have brushed my hair after swimming at the spa. 
 If you go and visit when you are paying your bill you can look up and see where the crazy girls from Swift Current signed the bar after a great night of Splurge!  There were no tigers in the hotel room and I didn't wake up with any teeth missing but it was an amazing trip!

Please share if you have any ideas, stories or suggestions for splurge either here in the comments, on my facebook or email me at .  I love to hear about ladies starting their own groups!

Here is a link to Slice that I found with some suggestions.  Plan a Girl's Night Out

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cypress Ford

A new adventure has begun with Pat changing careers and he is now working for Cypress Motors
in Swift Current.  It is so nice to be able to stop in with a coffee and say hi at their beautiful new 
building and to have him come home for a visit at lunch time. He is really enjoying the challenge of a new position with a great organization. 

 Cypress recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary of their new building.  They business itself is in it's 20th year here in Swift Current. 

Pat and his friend and boss Jeff. 
 The high school football team the Colts was on hand for the fundraising car wash.  They drafted our two boys to the team to help wash the cars. 

 Dad shows the boys how it is done. 

The girls got to sit this one out. 
I took a picture to prove Levi was there even though he didn't want to pose for me.
There were prizes, hamburgers, cake and demos.  Ryan from the radio station was there covering the event.  He strikes a pose for the camera. 

 Patti was representing M&M and feeding the hungry crowd. 
 Pat and Ryan wait to go live on the air. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One more

Levi had registration this morning so picture day.  Bright and early after spending the summer sleeping until late in the afternoon most days.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Rules!

We were very excited for back to school and our new Legionnaire hockey billet! We had four schools to visit so it was a chaotic day.  Levi got to sleep in as he doesn't start until later this week so he missed the first day of school pictures.  

Pretty braids thanks to Miss K who also started her first day of teaching today!  So proud of her following in my footsteps.  

She has that mischievous glint in her eye. 

The kids pose in the studio room that I have turned into their library and game room. 
 At school in part of the amazing outdoor classroom the kids worked hard to win. 
 Even though Olivia is off to another school a piece of her stays at the old elementary. 
 Muffin Morning for the first day of school was also Timbit Tuesday!
 Carson's buddy. 

 Olivia's old teacher is now Kelsey's teacher.
 Ready for school in his new glasses from Optical Image.
 My little girl let me follow her inside then shooed me away before I embarrassed her. 
 Last drop off of the day.