Friday, November 25, 2011

Pitch Party

W. Brett Wilsons' Pitch Party in Saskatoon was a first class event!  The night was hosted by the W. Brett Wilson Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence.  It was a very interactive night where students were encouraged to network with other students and business professionals.  It was nice to be there and answer questions, offer help and be approached to come and speak to students in a classroom setting.  Being on Dragons' Den has opened doors not only to do business but to speak and motivate others to follow their dreams!

Two of my favorite ladies hard at work.  Karen, my sales rep, who flew in from Calgary for the event and my awesome Mom who came in from Davidson to support me like she always does. I have dragged her to many and adventure!
We were right beside the Lemonade Stand.  The Lemonade Day is a program which encourages youth entrepreneurship. 
A fantastic centerpiece by Fire and Ice Creations of Saskatoon. 
The lovely ladies of Breast Friends Cookbooks from Foam Lake SK. 

The Snappy Socks Booth all finished. 

We were ready to make a "Pitch"
Fellow Dragons' Den Deal makers 

Bryan of 320 solutions.
The Frog Box Saskatoon Franchisees  
Neeichie Gear  The 3rd Place Winner of the Idea Challenge
The beautiful ladies with beautiful jewelery from Hillberg and Berk. 
Brett stopping in for some Lemonade before heading up on stage. 
Brett talking with the crowd.  He is such a warm and natural speaker. Lots of knowledge and laughs to share. 
Karen and I are so lucky to be partners with Brett.  More than an investor he is a mentor.  In the past year he has shared so much with us we are truly grateful! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magical Birthday!

It's your birthday!  We called into Magic 97 and you won Birthday of the day!  The prize for birthday of the day is a Gift Certificate to Sputergotch Toys!

After the party and before the shopping spree we better have a nap!
 Receiving the Magic Ticket!
 A quick coffee at Urban Ground.  I promise we are going to the toy store right away!

 Follow me Ellie it's in here. 
 Tada we made it!
 Happy Faces
 I need a cart!
 And Away We Go!
 Take it for a test ride. 
 A few treats for mom and dad and some Baba stickers. 
 The wiggle car.  This is what she picked from Grandmas and Grandpa and Magic 97.1/Sputtergotch!
 The staff is so friendly and helpful!
 Now if we could just get them out of the store.  Dad is leaving. 

 They make a great window display. 
I think this will be come a birthday tradition.  Off to Sputtergotch to pick a special present!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update from Snappy Socks

The amazing crew at Dragons' Den lead by producer Molly caught up with Snappy Socks at E Children in Calgary where we taped our "Where are they now segment?" 

Where we are now is a very long way from the day I auditioned in Saskatoon in February 2010.  Less than 2 years ago I showed up at the audition with 2 socks that I had bought the night before and somehow convinced the producers to have me, my family and our product idea to never lose socks again come to Toronto and be a part of Dragons' Den! 

 In the time between when we got the phone call from Colin at Dragons' Den in March telling us we were invited to come and pitch to the Dragons and when we arrived at the studio in May I put in a lot of long hours sourcing, researching, testing, registering and producing our first real prototypes for the packaging and product of Snappy Socks.  The day we arrived on set we had come a long way in development but still had no sales. 

We dressed the kids up in outfits that matched the five Dragons.  Twitter pictures from the taping before we arrived helped us to match up Carson, Ellie and Levi with exactly what Robert, Kevin and Jim were wearing. 
 The kids lined up with each of their Dragons.  Colin nicknamed them "The Mini Dragons!"
 We were so excited to walk a way from the Den with an investment from Saskatchewan's own Mr. W. Brett Wilson.  A lot of deals don't make it through Due Diligence but we shared a sigh of relief when 3 days before our show aired in February 2011 the money came through from Brett as promised.  I have learned in the time since we have been at the den that we are the luckiest family to have Brett as a business partner.  It is true what they say that he is "The Dragon with a Heart" and that he doesn't just invest in a business he invests in the people. 

The experiences we have had because of Brett's generosity have gone above and beyond the investment of money that he made in Snappy Socks. 

Here is my amazing sales rep Karen with me at our first ever display in a store!

 The crew from CBC arrive to tape the update. 
 Everyone is so happy and good at what they do!
 The producer Molly deciding the flow of the shoot. 
Brett arrived to lend his support!  

Some of the E Children customers became part of the shoot.  Such a cute baby!

Having fun with the socks!
 That night we were invited to Brett's home to be a part of an annual charity fundraiser he puts on.  The event raised over $300 thousand for Dare to Care a anti bullying program.
 It has been great sharing the experiences with the amazing ladies from Foam Lake that created The Breast Friends Cookbooks that were also on Dragons' Den last season.  One of the 10 ladies is my fantastic mother in law!
 My husband is my biggest support and is 100% behind me following my dreams!

Brett arranged for my Mom and I to attend a conference in Vancouver with Ellen DeGeneres and our socks along with other Dragons' Den products were part of the Swag Bags for the speakers.  We were guests at the Saskatchewan Premier's Dinner and on Tuesday we will be going to his Pitch Party at the University of Saskatchewan.  The most rewarding experience of all has been flying to Mexico as a group of 60 people to build 3 homes for deserving families through Homes of Hope.  It was life changing. 
 My sales rep Karen, Brett and I after we have handed the keys to the home to the family. 
So that is how in 30 months a dream, 2 socks and 1 audition with Dragons'  Den has changed our lives!  We went from 2 socks to 50 stores across Canada! 

Karen and her family have been amazing. Here they are picking up our first order of socks with their sons and trucks!  None of this would have been possible without her and her family believing in what Snappy Socks could become!

 Karen has given up space in her garage for socks!
I can't even imagine what the next two years holds for us but I am very excited about the future!  I have enjoyed sharing my story while speaking to business groups, students and at conferences geared towards women in business.  Please feel free to check out and join our facebook page. Snappy Socks on Facebook