Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magical Birthday!

It's your birthday!  We called into Magic 97 and you won Birthday of the day!  The prize for birthday of the day is a Gift Certificate to Sputergotch Toys!

After the party and before the shopping spree we better have a nap!
 Receiving the Magic Ticket!
 A quick coffee at Urban Ground.  I promise we are going to the toy store right away!

 Follow me Ellie it's in here. 
 Tada we made it!
 Happy Faces
 I need a cart!
 And Away We Go!
 Take it for a test ride. 
 A few treats for mom and dad and some Baba stickers. 
 The wiggle car.  This is what she picked from Grandmas and Grandpa and Magic 97.1/Sputtergotch!
 The staff is so friendly and helpful!
 Now if we could just get them out of the store.  Dad is leaving. 

 They make a great window display. 
I think this will be come a birthday tradition.  Off to Sputtergotch to pick a special present!

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