Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Feaster

Last week we had our third annual "Easter Feaster Get off your Keaster". We missed last year as Pat and I were in Vegas. I was amazed how many of the kids remembered from last time. I think we only managed to fool two or three kids with the Easter Bunny aka Levi. We had such a great time.

Is Devron breastfeeding that baby???

We fed all the kids first and Pat pulled me aside and whispered under his breath. I am a little worried about the lack of ham and potatoes! The kids ate it all and since it was a pot luck with a whole lot of dessert we decided to order pizza!! Louis to the rescue!! Pat's mom taught me a phrase this summer when we were hosting the family reunion...FHB. It was a secret code if we started running low on food that FHB "Family Hold Back!" That way there will be enough for everyone and we would be the gracious hosts. I wasn't really down with the program since I was six months pregnant and wanted to eat everything in sight but I love the sneaky spy lingo!!

The whole crew.

Levi dressed up as the Easter Bunny and was able to keep quiet for about 3 minutes and when he finally did talk the Easter Bunny oddly enough had an English accent...Go figure??

Olivia is showing off the bread that I bought for school lunches for Easter! There has to be some good nutritional value in there. Won't they wonder when they poop out a rainbow. As you can see by her hair she didn't bother to brush it that particular day. I told her,"Go brush your hair you look like Chewbaka." Levi called her wookie for the rest of the day and made her cry! Ahh I love spring break!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The News from Here..

We have all been busy, busy lately. Levi and a friend got to go to the Nickelback concert this last weekend (how did I not get to go to a cocert until I was 20 and he is 12??) Olivia participated in music festival, hockey season is all done for another year and we are anxiously awaiting Kimbi's return from University!

Here are some of the other recent highlights....

One of the best things about being a work from home mom is doing things with the kids. The kindergarden teachers put on a fabulous Kindergarden Carnival. They let the parents and siblings tag along. It is one of the highlights of the year. This is the "Amazing Stan"

Carson playing PLINKO!!
Let's get the five year olds hopped up on sugar and then........

give them darts to throw at balloons!! Yikes

Check out the look on the kid behind Kelsey. The mom sitting down in the picture is his girlfriend Chloe's mom. He had her over for a play date the other day and when we were driving home I put the baby seat between Chole and Kelsey and he asked if the two of them could sit in the back seat so they could sit next to eachother. Kelsey really knows how to put the "date" in play date!

Kelsey's teacher and the crew.

Carson getting his nails painted. It was hard to shoot baskets with wet nails!!

When you are in grade seven there is nothing cooler than your mom showing up at school with a baby in a stroller, a three year old and a camera to take a picture of your science fair project!

Carson had to stand by Levi's project because Levi pretended he didn't know me.

The Kids selling Girl Guide cookies. Olivia is loving being a brownie!

Pat worked very hard to help run the Midget Western Hockey Tournament the Telus cup that was recently. He was the director of finance.

Well at least someone enjoys the laundry. I think my average would be 3-4 loads a day. If I happen to miss a day it is no fun to try and catch up. It doesn't help that the dog pees on the laundry and the clean clothes on the floor. I was folding clothes on the couch when I looked over and Ellie who was sitting beside me just had dozed off in the warm towels......Mmmm.

So Sweet!! She just had her needles and it is pretty rough on a little girl!