Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Feaster

Last week we had our third annual "Easter Feaster Get off your Keaster". We missed last year as Pat and I were in Vegas. I was amazed how many of the kids remembered from last time. I think we only managed to fool two or three kids with the Easter Bunny aka Levi. We had such a great time.

Is Devron breastfeeding that baby???

We fed all the kids first and Pat pulled me aside and whispered under his breath. I am a little worried about the lack of ham and potatoes! The kids ate it all and since it was a pot luck with a whole lot of dessert we decided to order pizza!! Louis to the rescue!! Pat's mom taught me a phrase this summer when we were hosting the family reunion...FHB. It was a secret code if we started running low on food that FHB "Family Hold Back!" That way there will be enough for everyone and we would be the gracious hosts. I wasn't really down with the program since I was six months pregnant and wanted to eat everything in sight but I love the sneaky spy lingo!!

The whole crew.

Levi dressed up as the Easter Bunny and was able to keep quiet for about 3 minutes and when he finally did talk the Easter Bunny oddly enough had an English accent...Go figure??

Olivia is showing off the bread that I bought for school lunches for Easter! There has to be some good nutritional value in there. Won't they wonder when they poop out a rainbow. As you can see by her hair she didn't bother to brush it that particular day. I told her,"Go brush your hair you look like Chewbaka." Levi called her wookie for the rest of the day and made her cry! Ahh I love spring break!

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