Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I love Sundays

Sundays are for:

Sleeping in and snuggles, family breakfasts, hockey practices, naps, baking chocolate chip cookies with the kids, phone calls to friends and family, pushing friends out of snowbanks, Boggle, Old Maid, Mini Sticks, America's Funniest Home Videos (we call it Babies, Puppies Kitties), cleaning house, imprompto valentines photos for school, new recipes, snacks, hugs and kisses, sweat pants and ponytails, dreaming about the future and remembering the past.

And to think I used to work on Sundays! When I finally got a studio I decided to not book appointments on Sundays and that list above and the pictures below are the reasons why!

For the recipe for Michael Smith's chocolate chip cookies and Patty's Spinach Asiago pizza visit

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Word-YUMMY!

Have I mentioned that our family loves Michael Smith Chef at Home ? A local girl from Swift that is in culinary school in the maratimes told me that she was chosen to cook with him for the Olympics for the athletes. I think she is living my husband's dream. Maybe she will send us some pictures!

Michael's theme song says "you can do it too!" Well we can and we did. At least Pat did and we ate! Carson always wants a "bednight snack". Hopefuly that explains the gotch. From the popcorn popping to the creation on the stove it was exciting to watch and see how this masterpiece all turned out! For the recipe go to

Look Ma I need to clean my stove

This ONE!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working Mom

We interrupt "The Circus House" for a brief message from Lasting Impressions Photography by Corla!

Believe it or not I do find time to work once and a while! My latest project is to host a wedding show here in Swift Current. If you are getting married or know someone who is could you please pass along the information to them. The Lasting Impressions Wedding Show 2010 will be held at the Sky Center ( the new entertainment facility attached to the Living Sky Casino). The show will be Feb 21st at 1pm with a fashion show at 3. There will be fantastic vendors and great prizes. For tickets or more information you can email me at On my facebook page I listed the show as an event so you can see the vendors as they are added to the line up!

Back to our regularly scheduled chaos.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have What We're Having!

Every Circus needs a good chef. My husband has a love for cooking and entertaining that I have rarely witnessed. If you are looking for some new meal ideas check out Pat's site. The Circus Chef.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weight a Minute!

Pat and I made our way down to the mall to weigh in for the Lose to Win weight loss chalenge. We both are looking for a little extra motivation to get active and shed some winter weight. Like many our intentions are good but can we actually put the thoughts into action.

Ladies First- I'm not going to lie I feel a little frumpy dumpy in this picture.

Pat may be sucking it in here.I took the kids to the Zoo (Trent Zoolander from the Radio!)

The Pink Team is getting tips from her own Personal Trainer Lyris. You boys better watch out. Ryan Switzer!
The kids try out the wiggle exercise machine. While I yell at them and Lyris shops.
Ellie worked on her abs. Actually she was scared to get down. Great babysitting tool.

I had a plan. I was counting points and behaving until my husband brought home leftover Christmas treats from work. I told him he had to lock them in the trunk of the car.

My biggest temptaion however is my husband's awesome home cooking. If you are looking for a fun and different recipe to feed your family check out Pat's blog The Circus Chef!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Call for Drinks

Yeah Me. I did least I think I did. I weaned the baby. I am on day four of boobie free. Ellie has only attacked me about twice in the last four days and if I hadn't gone through so much pain already I probably would have caved. I went to volleyball on Tuesday which was completely useless because I was unable to even lift my arms over my head and the mere thought of a ball being spiked at my engorged milk ducts was enough to make me cry.

Don't worry in this video I don't flash any boobie. I'm just in agreeing with a lot of the world that once they are old enough to ask for it, lift your shirt, eat a cookie with the milk then maybe it is time to wean. Hey if you go to playschool and stand on one side of the chain link fence so junior can have a suck of milk then who am I to judge? But for me it's been a good run but the time for last call has come and gone and this dairy farm is shut down for good.

Here is my first vlog-video blog

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days gone by

I was saddened by the news that my Great Aunt Ellen passed away yesterday. She lived a great and long life to the age of 96 which makes me grateful for good genes. She lived in Vancouver and I remember her from the summers when she would come and visit my Grandma Bea at the lake. Grandma Bea and her sisters Aunty Ellen and Aunty Vi were all beautiful classy women that I looked up to. They always had to put their "face on" before they went out. Most of the time there were sharply dressed in high heel shoes, jewelry, fur coat, a blouse and skirt or dress.
My Grandma lost her mom when she was only 4 years old and Aunty Ellen was only two. The five kids under the age of 10 were raised by their Dad and relatives and friends. When my grandma was only 16 years old she quit school and got a job as a telephone operator, rented an apartment and raised her kid sister Ellen. Wow what strong, independent women to take care of themselves and grow up without a mom and end up so classy and put together. They lived in such a different time than we do. They connected not through blackberry and email but through letters and bridge games. They churned their own butter, ironed pillowcases, socks, tea towels and sheets, underwear and hankies, the used hankies. The attended Saturday night dances where there was a real live orchestra and no alcohol but a midnight lunch (i love the midnight lunch!) Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade. I think I would have liked to be a housewife and mother with a garden, baking fresh bread and sewing dresses for my girls and wearing pearls! We live in a pretty hectic life but I do try to bring in some of the homemaking skills I learned from my Grandmas and Aunts.

This was a picture I had pulled out for my Awkward family photos that I didn't inherit any photography skills from Aunty Ellen as the reflection in the mirror of her is great but she cut my two Grandma's heads off. I will miss her!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Awkward Photos!- UPDATED

I was forced by my son to update this post as he found no humour in this picture what so ever and I got a call from my nephew who thought it was somewhat funny. So in the interest of fairness I am going to put an entirely embarrassing photo of me in the Awkward Hall of Shame.

This is my grade eight school photo. I borrowed this sweater from my cool older cousin because I loved the rabbit fur trim and the little rose and ribbon embellishments (who wouldn't).

I thought he would be used to embarrassing pictures as I have been torturing him for years! Here is one of our early family pictures that we took using a timer and a tripod. Back in the good old film days we had to wait until the pictures came back before we knew he was making faces the whole time.

We all love them the old photos that make us laugh. I rummaged through a large box of old family photos and found a few funny ones so I am pleased to share with you the first of many "Awkward Photos" If you have one you want to share feel free to email me at Any giant hair or bad pacesetter pants welcome.

This is my oldest son (who is now 13) and his cousin. A sweet Christmas picture I asked him to give his cousin a kiss!

Merry Kissmas!

This link is just to good to not share Awkward Family Photos