Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Call for Drinks

Yeah Me. I did least I think I did. I weaned the baby. I am on day four of boobie free. Ellie has only attacked me about twice in the last four days and if I hadn't gone through so much pain already I probably would have caved. I went to volleyball on Tuesday which was completely useless because I was unable to even lift my arms over my head and the mere thought of a ball being spiked at my engorged milk ducts was enough to make me cry.

Don't worry in this video I don't flash any boobie. I'm just in agreeing with a lot of the world that once they are old enough to ask for it, lift your shirt, eat a cookie with the milk then maybe it is time to wean. Hey if you go to playschool and stand on one side of the chain link fence so junior can have a suck of milk then who am I to judge? But for me it's been a good run but the time for last call has come and gone and this dairy farm is shut down for good.

Here is my first vlog-video blog

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