Monday, January 18, 2010

Awkward Photos!- UPDATED

I was forced by my son to update this post as he found no humour in this picture what so ever and I got a call from my nephew who thought it was somewhat funny. So in the interest of fairness I am going to put an entirely embarrassing photo of me in the Awkward Hall of Shame.

This is my grade eight school photo. I borrowed this sweater from my cool older cousin because I loved the rabbit fur trim and the little rose and ribbon embellishments (who wouldn't).

I thought he would be used to embarrassing pictures as I have been torturing him for years! Here is one of our early family pictures that we took using a timer and a tripod. Back in the good old film days we had to wait until the pictures came back before we knew he was making faces the whole time.

We all love them the old photos that make us laugh. I rummaged through a large box of old family photos and found a few funny ones so I am pleased to share with you the first of many "Awkward Photos" If you have one you want to share feel free to email me at Any giant hair or bad pacesetter pants welcome.

This is my oldest son (who is now 13) and his cousin. A sweet Christmas picture I asked him to give his cousin a kiss!

Merry Kissmas!

This link is just to good to not share Awkward Family Photos

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