Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I love Sundays

Sundays are for:

Sleeping in and snuggles, family breakfasts, hockey practices, naps, baking chocolate chip cookies with the kids, phone calls to friends and family, pushing friends out of snowbanks, Boggle, Old Maid, Mini Sticks, America's Funniest Home Videos (we call it Babies, Puppies Kitties), cleaning house, imprompto valentines photos for school, new recipes, snacks, hugs and kisses, sweat pants and ponytails, dreaming about the future and remembering the past.

And to think I used to work on Sundays! When I finally got a studio I decided to not book appointments on Sundays and that list above and the pictures below are the reasons why!

For the recipe for Michael Smith's chocolate chip cookies and Patty's Spinach Asiago pizza visit

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Morgan said...

Darn those look good! Got the recipe and going to try them tonight :)