Monday, January 25, 2010

Weight a Minute!

Pat and I made our way down to the mall to weigh in for the Lose to Win weight loss chalenge. We both are looking for a little extra motivation to get active and shed some winter weight. Like many our intentions are good but can we actually put the thoughts into action.

Ladies First- I'm not going to lie I feel a little frumpy dumpy in this picture.

Pat may be sucking it in here.I took the kids to the Zoo (Trent Zoolander from the Radio!)

The Pink Team is getting tips from her own Personal Trainer Lyris. You boys better watch out. Ryan Switzer!
The kids try out the wiggle exercise machine. While I yell at them and Lyris shops.
Ellie worked on her abs. Actually she was scared to get down. Great babysitting tool.

I had a plan. I was counting points and behaving until my husband brought home leftover Christmas treats from work. I told him he had to lock them in the trunk of the car.

My biggest temptaion however is my husband's awesome home cooking. If you are looking for a fun and different recipe to feed your family check out Pat's blog The Circus Chef!

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