Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 The kids waited a long time to finally carve their pumpkins!
 Scary face. 
 Yummy Pumpkin guts. 
 Dr. Rokochy performing surgery. 

 Smiles all around. 
 Some after school Trick or Treating.  Kelsey knew it was a good idea to take a pillow case to hold the candy.  What no one told him was he wasn't supposed to take the pillow case of my pillow that was on my bed!!
 Make way for the princess.
 Carson has to check out the skeleton's eyeball.
 I am not sure if she was dressed as a nerd or her Mom in grade 8!  Short pants and she even drew zits on her face. 

 My fall princess. 
 Thank goodness for helpers. 
 What a great house to stop at.  We got candy, mitts, a blanket and coffee with a special treat for mom!

 Super Mom.  The best part was when I went to pick Levi up from work wearing this costume.  He was pretty pumped!
 A little warm up and candy break. 
 Some great decorated houses. 
 Hold on a minute Carson is looking for something.  He wins the prize for the smallest costume!  I think Kelsey wore it when he was 3!
 It was worth the dig!  Love when you get a full size chocolate bar!  Right after this Carson crossed the street and tried to steal another kids' Gator that they were cruising around Trick or Treating in !
 Good thing Kari loaned us a blankie!  BRRRRRR. 
 I remembered at midnight as I was laying on my pillow that had no pillow case that we hadn't blown the candles out outside!  Wheeewww!  Good thing I remembered!
 Do you ever just leave a bowl of candy outside your door when you are stepping out?  We do.
 We had to drive over to Miss K's house for our special candy bags which included bubbles and Kool Aid!  Thanks Mrs M! 
 And especially for the special treat for Mom and Dad.  Lazy Daisy Birthday cake in a to go container!  What a great night!!!

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