Thursday, October 27, 2011

Patty's Wild 40th Adventure!

We are so lucky to have a group of friends in Swift Current that are just like family to us!  Together we celebrate, console, heckle, do hockey drafts, splurge groups, Christmas Carol, Easter Egg Hunt, coach hockey together, cheer for the Riders ( a few for the Eskimos) together, pass around babies, dogsit, babysit and a million other things that families do.  When Pat put out the call for our friends to come with him to Las Vegas to celebrate the momentous occasion of his being on the planet for 4 fabulous decades 16 brave people canceled work and called the grandparents to babysit and we were off on an Epic National Lampoon Vegas Vacation!

The morning we left we all signed a pact that said there would be no spousal disputes and that there would be no pictures put on the internet so for this reason I am protecting the groups identity :)  Everyone knows that Patrick's very best friend in the whole wide world (or at least under the sea) is Sponge Bob so I secretly bought Walmart out of their entire stock of Sponge Bob shirts and delivered them so everyone could wear them the morning we were leaving!  Yay Patrick Starfish. 


Patty Patty Party Planner had champagne waiting in the room for us all to toast to a great weekend to come!
 The logical thing any man turning 40 should do.  Climb on a mechanical bull.  Be sure to sign the waiver first!
 We have one "real" cowboy in the group be he didn't coach Pat that you are supposed to put your non dominant hand in the rope.  Pat had a bruise the size of his whole inside thigh from this wild ride!
 Nothing screams cowboy more than a Mickey Mouse Tshirt, plaid shorts and sandals!  Ride em Cowboy. 
 Good Form.
 He didn't last long!
 And the trip starts and ends with his best friend!
A special Thanks to Grandpa Al and Grandma Charlene for watching the kids while we were gone.  I know they loved every minute!

I was waiting for the Lone Wolf speech while we were there about how Pat now had an 18 man wolfpack but there was no speech but I think Pat said it best in his Thank You email to our Vegas Freinds. 
A man should be so lucky to have friends such as you guys and even after leaving Las Vegas with near empty pockets I feel I am the richest man alive.

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LMWIEBE said...

Gotta love those "Urban Cowboys"! Looks like a bit of fun was had :)