Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lancer Chokecherry Festival- Community Spirit!

Pat and I both grew up going to weddings in the town hall, fall suppers in the church basement, egg salad sandwiches and marshmallow squares, a group of ladies in the kitchen doing dishes and laughing, a group of fellas in ball caps visiting in the corner over a cup of coffee that was poured into a styro foam cup from of a 50 cup stainless steel urn.  A simpler time when generations would get together and the kids would run and play and the dance floor chasing balloons until someone would come out and put dance wax on the floor meaning it was too slippery for kids to run and play it was time for some two stepping and waltzing.

There were no cel phones or portable DVDs or Ipads to entertain just good old fashioned visiting, eating, dancing and later a midnight lunch so you could eat again. If you really needed to make a phone call there was a rotary dial phone in the kitchen and you may have only had to dial 4 numbers to get who you needed.

That is the feeling I got when we took the kids out to the kick off to the Lancer Chokecherry Festival.  There is just enough chill in the air to make coming into the hall even that much more welcoming.  As the door swings open you can hear the laughter and smell the chili and homemade buns. 
 The girls. 
The boys. 
 Dad and his helpers doing the draws for prizes. 
 Mini me. 
 A hall full enjoying coffee and Carrot Cake for dessert. 

 Winner Winner!
 The boys took it upon themselves to hold the door for everyone and say Goodbye!
 I am so glad that Pat works in so many unique towns.  Their traditions become part of our yearly traditions and we look forward to this lunch every year!  I know our kids will look back fondly on our road trips when Mom pulled them out of school!

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