Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Take Your Kids to Work Days

15 Years ago when I started photography I did so because I wanted to stay home and raise my son.  Over the years I took the kids to family reunions, cap and gown sessions, classes, workshops all where I was working.  Eventually as they began to seriously outnumber me I began taking them to a sitter when I was shooting and realized that was a much quicker and more efficient way to work.  I recall one incident where Carson hurled an empty milk jug at one of my husband's colleagues right in the middle of her head shot in my home studio.  I would always think, It is only going to be 15 minutes surely they will watch TV for 15 minutes and I can do a quick shoot!

A few weeks ago I dropped the kids off at school and the sitter, got dressed in real clothes including pants that had a zipper and went out for a birthday lunch with friends.  After lunch I drove to Elmwood Golf Course to photograph the beautiful 18 hole golf course for their website.  As I was opening the shed to drive out the golf cart I was thinking the kids would really enjoy this but if I put it off any longer it won't get done until the snow flies!  

I shouldn't have put that thought into the atmosphere because I didn't have the lock open and my cel phone rang.  It was Kelsey, "I don't feel good."  So I closed the shed and drove to the school to get him.  Well if I have one I might as well get the other from the sitter so off we went for our adventure in photography!

My happy assistants.  Not sure he looks real sick.  The fresh air must be doing him good. 

Beautiful flowers on the course!

I  love picking her up from the sitter she is so happy to see me.  The kids all see and adult coming and the rush to the door to see who it is.  Then like a game of toddler Bingo one of them realizes that it is their parent and they are here to get them.  "It's my Mommy!"  That's right we have a winner! 

 Wait for me you crazy driver. 
 There is wonder everywhere even in a golfcart tire!

Such a beautiful course

Not the day I planned but a great time together!
 A gentleman to open the door for me. 

We didn't quite get all 18 holes done before the kids were getting off the bus so I had to head home to meet them so I had to go back and photograph the last 3 holes so back we went again.  It was kids dress like teachers and teachers dress like kids!
He is so helpful showing me where the tee off box is!
I had to take the keys out of the cart every time to make sure we didn't end up with a runaway cart.  Hey it's not my first rodeo. 
Too bad the snack shack wasn't open.  They were being so good!
Driving Miss Ellie. 
Always good to stop and the Credit Union and get a balloon.  I can't believe it didn't blow away. 
Do you work at home or take your kids to work ever?  What are your tricks to keep them entertained so you can get something done?

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