Thursday, October 6, 2011

ShaToBu Review

I love online sites that give Moms a place to connect.  Being a stay at home Mom or a work from home Mom is such an amazing, important, rewarding job but without a great group of friends to share stories and ask advice it can be lonely.  That's why I love the Yummy Mummy Club there are articles on everything from Sex and Relationships to Haloween I have even written a few articles for the site myself.  They also have great contests and giveaways.  When they were asking for ladies to test a body shaping hosiery I was in!

The product is called Shtobu for Shape Tone Burn.  Among the reasons I love Shatobu was it was invented by a Canadian, a female and chiropractor.  I really related to Dr. Denise Perron as she talks about developing a product and tweaking, changing, using family as guinea pigs as I have just spent a year and a half going through that getting Snappy Socks for the ground. 

As you will see the thing that makes the shapers and tights different from others is that they were designed with resistance bands so that wearing the product during your everyday activities has been proven to burn 12% more calories in a day than without. 

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail with these cute pink packages. 
 The products in include shapers that range from mid thigh to knee and from your waist to a high waist that goes up to your bra line.  They come in nude and black.  The tights come in black, steel and brown and also have regular waist or high waist.  The tights also come in footless, with a ribbed or diamond design. 
So here is my review.  For starters I will let the pictures do the talking.  Let me just say this was a first for me to NOT retouch pictures of me.  Hopefully it is obvious but here is my before wearing a festive peach workout top that I thought would enhance the look of Martha my Muffin Top who I usually try to hide! 
And then here is the same shot with the Shatobu Shaper on.  Goodbye second set of Boobies.  We have successfully muffled Martha so she isn't hanging over my dress pants!
From the back.  Now I know why your elbows are behind you.  If I had to look at those everyday I would cry.  No wonder my kids think they are funny and pinch them. 
My fabulous friend Deb helped me out with the photography!  We had a few giggles in her back yard.  I think it looks much better!  This is with a body shaper and the high wasted black tights. 
Here is what I would usually wear out.
Here is where the tights come to and you can just see the flesh toned shaper underneath. 
I would definitely wear the tights and shaper when going out or to work.  I found that as I have an umbilical hernia the shapeware had an added bonus of supporting that area. Usually when I am wearing a dress I would wear this style of a tight underneath but other tights I have worn in the past would sag down to my knees.  Being a tall girl can create a challenge for getting tights to stay up so in the past I have worn the tights with a pair of my husband's boxers overtop It worked ok but to be honest it freaked my husband out.  Well the Shatobu tights stayed up all by themselves. They fit right under the bra to shape nicely and there was no creeping down at all.

In general I would recommend this product to a friend.  With having five kids and running two businesses I don't always have the time or energy to get to the gym, so anything I can do while running errands around town to increase my muscle, burn calories and smooth out my back fat is my new best friend.

This was my first product review but I am pretty sure for the sake of full disclosure I am supposed to say that Shatobu provided me with the product for no charge and asked for my honest opinion.  Other than the free shapeware I was not financially compensated for my review and now when you goggle my name and look at images there will forever be a record of me with back fat so that just shows you how dedicated I am to helping all of us look better ;).

Here's hoping you have ave a wrinkle free,  muffintop minimizing day!

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