Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Rules!

We were very excited for back to school and our new Legionnaire hockey billet! We had four schools to visit so it was a chaotic day.  Levi got to sleep in as he doesn't start until later this week so he missed the first day of school pictures.  

Pretty braids thanks to Miss K who also started her first day of teaching today!  So proud of her following in my footsteps.  

She has that mischievous glint in her eye. 

The kids pose in the studio room that I have turned into their library and game room. 
 At school in part of the amazing outdoor classroom the kids worked hard to win. 
 Even though Olivia is off to another school a piece of her stays at the old elementary. 
 Muffin Morning for the first day of school was also Timbit Tuesday!
 Carson's buddy. 

 Olivia's old teacher is now Kelsey's teacher.
 Ready for school in his new glasses from Optical Image.
 My little girl let me follow her inside then shooed me away before I embarrassed her. 
 Last drop off of the day. 

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