Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooking With Corla- Part 1!

Well, another monthly check up with the Dr and another 10 pound weight gain so to celebrate I thought you know what I am going to make a cake! I have official reached my goal weight for the entire pregnancy at 29 weeks. ( I always was an overachiever). Since it is a bazillion degrees outside my first recipe to share with you only uses the microwave and fridge.

This is a longstanding family favorite which you may want to double if you would like it to last more than five minutes

Irma's Junk- Whacha gonna do with all the junk? All the junk.........
Difficulty Raiting- Carson could handle this!

1/2c butter
30 marshmallows
pop it in the microwave in a large glass bowl for about 1:30

2 1/2 c cornflakes
1c coconut
1 c almonds

Squish into a 9x9 lightly buttered pan. Put in fridge until firm or until you can't wait anymore to eat.........MMMMMMMMMMM good

For those of you that are too busy to spend five minutes baking follow this simple recipe that is truly my favorite

Chocolate Chips in the Cupboard

Step 1- Sneak over to the cupboard and open the cupboard. Take Handfulls of chocolate chips and eat.

Repeat if necessary.

Caution- do not let your kids see you do this or they will try to do it too. Unfortunately, Olivia has mastered this recipe!


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