Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Redefining Success- Still Making Mistakes by W. Brett Wilson

Redefining Success- Still Making Mistakes by W. Brett Wilson

 I was running out to my van the other day to take Ellie public skating, when a black package poking out of my mailbox caught my eye.  I was so excited and surprised to open the black bubble wrap to find a signed copy of Brett's book inside! I sat in the lobby of the rink reading the book written by my business partner and mentor and was reminded how lucky I am to be an entrepreneur who can enjoy the balance of time raising my young family while running a business and having a career. 

The book came with a eraser that said "Still Making Mistakes".  

I found the book to be a reflection of Brett himself.  Equal balance of business, family, friends, and philanthropy.  The book is full of inspirational stories.  Brett shares insight from his business life, his personal life and why it is so important for him to pay it forward.  I have been so fortunate to witness all of those things first hand.  He has been an amazing business partner from the very beginning.  He offers advice when requested, he has connected me with so many amazing people and is always encouraging. 

Here is the link to the book's website where you can get a copy of the book, T-Shirts or signed prints!

Page 157-158 Brett talks about Snappy Socks!!
Pat and I were so excited to go to Saskatoon for the Pitch Party last week.  I will post pictures soon from the fun event!!

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Ohhh.... I wanna read it all. :). You are such an awesome individual with a large life. Suspect that's because of your large personality! Luv hearing about your path Corla.