Friday, April 27, 2012

The Wascally Wabit!

 Are your kids afraid of mascots and other dress up characters?  I think a bit of fear of a 6 foot pink bunny or a giant old guy with a beard in a red suit is a healthy thing.  It does seem a bit odd to teach your children about "stranger danger" and then stroll them up to giant creatures and tell them to hug and have a picture with a terrifying stranger.

This year at Easter Feaster there was only one kid buying Olivia in a bunny suit and that was Ellie.  She has come a long way in accepting that this enormous rabbit will lead her to chocolate!

Her first Easter Egg Hunt.  

Take two.  She was a little less afraid but still clinging to a human adult. 

 This year the two of them were on a chocolate finding mission!

"Follow me!"
 "I found it!"

 " Do you see it bunny?  It's right there!"
 We let the kids go out by their age to give the little ones a chance. 
 Put the yellow egg in the yellow bag!

 Thanks Bunny!

 Hoppy Easter!

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