Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kids on the Links

I got a call the other day from Elmwood's Golf Pro Jeff Chambers asking if I could "swing" by the driving range with the kids and take some photographs for a magazine article.  The kids and I were up for the challenge! 

The Elmwood Golf Course runs great classes for juniors and the program has grown over the years and as our kids grow too they always look forward to lessons with Jeff, the golf cart rides and of course the treats in the clubhouse.  Jeff has been recognized for his contribution to Junior Golf and our kids have definietly enjoyed the classes and family golf too!  If you missed the sign up at Citywide give them a call at Elmwood to get your kids in the group lessons!

We are all excited to hear if Jeff gets chosen to be on the TV show Big Break as he auditioned last month to get a spot on his show.  He will have a big cheering section of Junior Golfers if he makes it that all look up to him!

The best part of golf is that our whole family ages 6-60 are able to play together and enjoy fun, family, fresh air and fitness!

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