Monday, October 5, 2009

One Hundredth Post!!

This is my 100th post. First of all I want to thank my awesome family for letting me share a bit of our life. I hope that it has entertained, informed, or just distracted you for a few minutes. I would like to thank my husband for the million times he made supper and let me blog! I would also like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my blog.

For my hundredth post I would ask you if you are reading this to leave me a comment. That way this post will have more comments than any other! You can tell me who you are, your favorite post, a funny story from your kids, how you heard about my blog, or sign the guest book. Thanks!

I started this blog on June 12 2008. At the time I was pregnant with Ellie, Carson still sucked a soother, Levi wasn't a teenager yet, Miss K was still in High School, Olivia didn't have glasses and Kelsey was only going to school half days, Pat is my constant he hasn't really changed and is just as fabulous as 100 posts ago! I went for a number of months with only one blog in the whole month just imagine. Also speaking on 100 I am anxiously awaiting my first check from Google. I will be getting $100 that I have made in Google Ads since July when I signed up. It works out to probably twenty five cents and hour for writing and editing photos but at least I can look back and remember all the fun and crazy time of the kids growing up and driving me bonkers. Who knows what the next 100 posts will bring. If I stick to my schedule of blogging Mon-Fri my 200 post should be sometime in March!

These are the bonus features like when you buy a special edition DVD and they have the bloopers and deleted scenes. These are the things I meant to tell you about but didn't!

Ellie's first visitors. (I think they were Carson's too!)

I am not sure why this girl puts up with this but we are sure glad she does! Just like a big sister to love and wrestler and I guess lick like a puppy.

Kelsey's special birthday breakfast with Dad at Elmwood Golf Course. I don't know which was bigger the pancake or his smile. (This is Pat's phone I don't know why I can't make the picture bigger but that is why he isn't the family photographer)

Summer time fun painting the deck at the cabin. Child labour. I shared the "mud monster" with you but here is the "sea creature"

Carson had a tub at the cabin and I am not sure all the shampoo came out so I scrubbed it to see and sure enough..... bubbles.

Trying on hockey equipment in August! We can't get enough of the rink.

At the end of the school year the kids had a track meet. In the middle of grad season and a baby I wasn't sleeping so somehow I missed sharing these pictures. Sisterly love!

So I gave myself big points for showing up at the kid's track and field day and I got bonus points for bringing my camera. Then I lost all the points when, I was intently photographing the races and Ellie who was sleeping in her stroller rolled backwards about 25 feet and I didn't even notice. Some nice man wheeled her back up to me while many spectators stared in disbelief at the runaway baby!
Carson ran out of the crowd to join the race.
Kelsey checking out the competition.

Olivia can jump higher than a cougar :)

Just for fun one day I asked Pat to email me a picture of exactly what his desk looked like. Not to move or touch anything and send it to me as is. (I really want him to guest blog on here and do "From Dad's Desk"
This is what mine looked like. I didn't move anything just took the picture! Carson came to my office and helped me chop up some pictures with the chopper. How helpful. You will notice I have Pat's desk picture on my computer maybe that will be inspiration.

During one of our post ball game get togethers, Carson was tired and needed somewhere to curl up so he decided to lay on the front mat of our friend's house and curl up and go to sleep.

A date with my mom in Saskatoon....mmmmmm Schmo Torte.

While we are on the subject of sweet treats, one day last summer I was looking for Carson in the house and couldn't find him. He was hiding in the garage with only a shirt on nothing else and he got into the freezer in the garage and was eating handfuls of Turtle ice cream.
Miss K likes ice cream too! And she loves to share.


Pat is such a good sport. We have always loved Haloween as a family. Pat and I love trick or treating with little kids and big kids too! This was two years ago. We had just walked in the door from a whirlwind romantic anniversary getaway (Pat completely suprised me with an awesome trip to Calgary and my mom watched the kids.) We walked in the door and it was time to trick or treat. I grabbed my cap and gowns and Pat and I dressed up! Miss K helped Levi with his Ipod costume.

Levi reading to the kids before bed. Sometimes he needs to be the helper when Mom and Dad have too many things going on.

Pat always makes a point of bringing home goodies for the kids from his trips. Even if it is pens from a trade show or the plastic credit card key from the hotel. He lines the kids up and hands out their presents.


Stephanie said...

Great Blog:) As a first time Mom, aspiring photographer and teacher just back at work, your daily posts keep me laughing and smiling (and awake reading way past my bedtime:). I had a story to share but as I was typing this the baby woke up and now I can't remember the story I wanted to share. LOL. Thank-you for taking the time to write. From Steph in Tisdale

Corla Rokochy said...

Okay... I read your blog and loved it. I also made a long winded comment only to discover that I am so flippin' tired that I can't remember my google name and password to post it so I figured instead of just trashing it I would email it to you... Here I am actually doing what I am told and leaving a comment. I'm finally at home for the day and am absolutely drained but still took the time to read your post because it always makes me laugh... usually hysterically! I thought that I would share one of my favorite memories of what comes out of the mouths of babes. When my cousin Kristen was about four she was going "potty" and all of the sudden yelled to us from the bathroom that she had figured out how you know that you are a big girl and of course we asked her how and she told us that it is when your whole bum fits the toilet seat :) Keep up the good work...looking forward to the next 100! And for the record my favorite post is still the one where Carson drew all over the walls :) Devona

Corla Rokochy said...

Congrats on your 100th blog! I enjoy reading them every time you have something posted! They brighten my day! Keep bloggin away.


Corla Rokochy said...

First of all - love the 100th post!and everyone reading this blog, i am not a blog-hater! i just like looking at pictures of the crazy stories Corla tells me about, rather than reading about pregnancy issues! I would like to thank you for the picture of me eating ice cream - me and Levi could be twins!my favorite blog - i don't have one, but my favorites are usually the one's with Carson's destruction, and i also really enjoyed the one of ellie trying a lemon! anything with visual images, really :)i look forward to reading this blog everyday.... i'll be waiting tomorrow for post 101!!!! Miss K

Jessica said...

love your blog!! keep up the posts!

Dee said...

Corla, your blog is great I love to read it every day. I can hardly do it with one baby so how you do it with 5 is crazy!! And sorry miss K, I LOVE tummy tuesday and one day you will appreciate all the advice Corla has shared with you, us mom's get a kick out of it, because it is so true and makes us feel good about all of our quirks. CONGRATULATIONS on you 100TH post, looking forward to many, many more. And again sorry Miss K, I vote for FOOD FRIDAY, could get some great reciepe ideas:)

Unknown said...

Hey Corla, Congrats on the 100th post! I'm from Gravelbourg and I have always been a fan of your photography, ever since you took our cap and gown pictures back in 2005! I came across your blog about six months or so ago, and I have been reading it ever since! I enjoy your stories and always look forward to when you post something new! I love that you take the time out of your busy schedule to blog, keep up the great work!

Bradie Mann