Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lost little boy....Or was he?

Today on my MSN page I read that a six year old boy had been swept away in a homemade weather balloon. My heart went out to the family as I watched the newcasters comentate as the balloon flew thousands of feet in the air and when it landed no little boy! Many times I have found myself looking though the house for one of the kids and for just a moment your heart sinks until you find them. Most recently on Tuesday I searched the house high and low, two vehicles, two of my next door neighbors, the back yard, the vehicle and garage. What was even better was that I had been folding laundry watching Oprah about missing children. I found him hiding in Levi's closet I am not sure why.

As I read the story I could imagine my sweet red head flying up in the sky in what looked like to me an overgrown flying "Jiffy Pop" . I couldn't stop thinking about him as I was making supper and Pat and I were discussing it Levi announced that he had been found safe and sound. When I saw a clip of the family on the news tonight they showed them for less than five seconds and I can tell you as a reality tv junkie that their family has been on Wife Swap twice. I recall watching and they are a fairly excentric family that loves chaos, no rules and a lot of attention. I really hope that it wasn't all a publicity stunt.

Here is to hoping that none of my kids end up in outerspace anytime soon!

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