Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Splurge for Moms!

This month will mark the last get together for our fabulous "Splurge Group". What is a splurge group you may ask. Well in theory it is when twelve friends get together once a month and each member puts in $20. You put everyone's name in the draw and the winner gets the money and is in charge of hosting the next month's get together. If all goes according to plan you will have twelve excuses to get out of the house at least once a month away from supper duty, homework time, cleaning the house, and bed time. If you are lucky someone might even plan a crazy overnight trip somewhere along the way. Our group consisited of more than 12 members and we took the summer off and also December as it was nearly impossible to meet between Christmas parties and school programs. When I organized our first get together I didn't know I was pregnant yet and on the second splurge outing I had to do some fast talking around why I wasn't having a drink with supper (they were on to me already). This month will be our final splurge meeting before we start again and Ellie is turning one so it has taken 21 months to complete. The deal with the money is that you are essentially getting your own money back but the rule is you have to spend the money all on yourself. Not the kids, your hubby, the house or your dog, or a new battery for your car. You need to "splurge" on something special for you and then report it to your group at the next meeting.

May I suggest that if you are not in a splurge group that you take the initiative to call up or email or facebook or somehow get 11 other women that you know to join your group and voila the next 12 months are full of fun and excitement.

Here are some of the ideas we as a group or other groups I know of have done for their splurge events. Keep in mind that many businesses are willing to host you for an evening as it is good advertising for them to have twelve new customers that will go out and spread the word about their products or services.

Kelly at Pick a Deli is an amazing chef and hosted two of our events and entertained us with food and wine.

We had a fun, crazy "Intimate Attitudes" Party. Three of us were pregnant so we were more about the chocolate cake.

A suprise trip to White Bear. If you have not been to White Bear to eat supper make your way out there! The food is incredible and I have never seen portions like that. The atmosphere is unique to say the least. Plan to make an evening of it as it is as much about the experience of being there as the food.

Belly Dancing.

Pedicures, facials or any spa treatments like my friends Lori and Janice with Renaissance Body Contouring

Wine tasting at the Cypress Hills Winery and supper at the Star Restaurant in Mapple Creek.

Golf lessons or a ladies night of golf.


A shopping trip out of town.

Bowling (the local bowling alley is liscenced)

One of the fun events was a kind of blind supper. Our friend invited us to her home where she had prepared a number of items and listed them in code on a menu. You had to write down 10 random phrases on your order and you would have no idea what the phrase stood for. She had her kitchen all curtained off and some volunteer husbands in the kitchen ( you have to love men serving the ladies) Some people got a fork, or a bun, or a glass of wine, a piece of pie it was a ton of fun. There were 10 courses and by the end we were stuffed!

Do you have any ideas to share for an amazing splurge party. Let us know!

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