Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mom Calls In Sick

I tried to finish this last night but ended up just laying in bed so Congratulations to Devona who wins a coffee card!

This morning I called in sick to work this is how it went.

"Good Morning Ellie. I am not feeling so hot this morning I won't be coming in today. I know I went out with Dad last night but it isn't the wine that made my head hurt this morning it is the fact that your big brother decided to brush his teeth with my toothbrush while he was sick."

Ellie wasn't really down with that program. Unfortunately boobs don't take a holiday. When you are the mom you don't get sick days. Being sick was much easier when I was a kid. My mom would put a cold cloth on my head and feed me Ritz crackers and 7-up. My Dad was in charge of any body fluids. My mom didn't do puking, she was more likely to be found covering her head with a pillow until the barfing was over. It didn't bother Dad at all he dealt with the emergencies like blood, broken bones, removing stitches with fingernail clippers. My mom never wanted to play the "mom come look at this" game. She was the one who took care of you after the trauma was all over. I recall when I broke my leg mom gave me a crystal bell so I could ring it whenever I needed anything.

Well last night I needed a crystal bell or maybe even my mommy. I eventually ended up phoning her and asking her to phone my house to get Levi to come upstairs and bring me water and Tylenol. I couldn't get myself out of bed and I definitely couldn't yell for Levi otherwise I would have woke everyone up. When Pat got home he took care of everyone. I think we are pretty even on the taking care of kids when they are sick but he is more the barf guy than me. I opt for throwing the sheets directly into the washing machine. And here is a tip from someone who had to find out the hard way. Hot dog pieces don't dissolve in the washing machine you have to shake those out first!

Anyway we are all on the mend and today according to Pat is the best day of the year. He wakes up each year on this date and says, "Wake up everyone! It's the best day of the year." It is Credit Union Day and he is off to each of his branches to spread joy and fellowship and of course cake! I can't believe I am going to miss out on free cake. How depressing. Have a great day!

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