Thursday, October 29, 2009

I had the time of my life....

The evening started with Uncle Pecker coming to take the kids swimming.

Pat and I waiting for the my surprise.

Oh my goodness it is a limo.

Our neighbor was yelling at Pat to get the limo out of there before his wife saw it and got any ideas!

The happy couple. At this point I was still unsure of the destination. All I was told was wear comfy clothes and that we would be gone one night. I was thinking maybe Moose Jaw, Cypress, the Star Restaurant in Maple Creek. Pat told the driver to go "West". I was really annoying with the million questions about where were we going and how would get home and who was watching the kids. Pat told me just to sit back and enjoy the ride. At Webb we turned South and I thought we were going to the States. Did Pat bring the passports? Then the limo turned around and headed back to Swift. Yes that is right we took a half hour limo ride out of town and back to go five blocks from our house. What a guy so full of awesome surprises!!

We arrived at the Best Western where Pat had stopped already and checked in and made some very special arrangements.

I opened the door to this beautiful arrangement from Poppy at Smart Flowers.

What a cute date!

Knock Knock.....Who could that be? I thought maybe Pam and Dale as we have spent our last two anniversaries with them. Nope it is Kelly from Pic A Deli behind door #1.

Seared Tuna Salad with a salad dressing that had some "kick"MMMMM

The meal was beyond fantastic. Lobster tail in phylo pastry, rice pilaf, butternut squash, Parmesan zucchini which was to die for and the tastiest tomato I have ever eaten.

Check out the presentation. Chocolate cakes with delicious fresh raspberries and a vanilla custard drizzle. Kelly even picked the red wine to accompany the meal.

It was that good ( I licked the plate)

The Jaccuzzi Suite. Pat even brought in pretend tea light candles. All the pictures after this point are censored and in the private collection! :)

There was also one special gift in the room that was a suprise to both of us. Barb that Pat works with snuck a gift bag into our room containing an item we had to make sure to hide from our kids when we returned this morning. Thanks Mark and Barb!!
Speaking of gifts if all of this was not enough Pat even bought me the most thoughtful piece of jewelry from Silpada (Karen Turton) it has five charms that represent the five kids and he got each charm engraved with their initials. It is so special. I love it!! With five kids on it I feel a little like Flava Flav.

I would just like to say a special thanks to my husband for making this day so unbeliebably special. It meant the world to me. I would also like to thank our awesome friends who helped make it happen, Brian, Lori, Clayton, Rich, Tyler, Kev, Kari,Vanna, and all the businesses that were involved where just as excited as us. D+W Limo, Best Western, Kelly Law, Karen Turton, Tayberrys in Gull Lake and Poppy Parsons. Wow this will be hard to top for our 10 year next year. I guess I better start planning now!

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