Friday, October 23, 2009

Mom's little Helper

Friday is not a day for complaining about housework. I have done enough of that already this week. I guess you can just flip your perspective if you choose to. If your house is a mess be grateful you have a home to live in, if you have children fighting and running through your neat and tidy house be glad they are healthy and safe, if you look out your kitchen window and see a crack and an inch of dirt be glad that you have your eyesight, if your pants are too tight after you wash them be glad you have food to eat. I decided to hunker down and get to work on the house today. I even put Ellie to work!
When I look at this picture I can hardly see the broken dirty window because I would rather look at my sweet little helper.
I have to go in "Tyra close" on this one. She is clapping her hands and the water is spraying. This girl definitely smiles with her eyes!Going for a ride on the vaccuum.
Hey didn't you read "Mom's Laundry Rules" although the lighting is great and I love the reflection in the door!
Don't get lost in the pile.
Get to work!

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