Friday, July 22, 2011

A break up letter to Huggies- It's not you it's me.

Dear Huggies,

I know this is going to come as a shock to you after our 15 year romance, but it's over. No don't try to stop me we have been off again, on again 5 times. When it all began 15 years ago I was nine months pregnant with my son Levi, who will soon be driving a car, I bought by first bag of Huggies and when I opened that very first bag and saw that teeny weeny newborn diaper it was love at first sight!  You were always there to support and protect.  I still feel guilty for that one time I cheated on you with Pampers but it's not my fault someone gave me a package for a baby gift by it was just that one time and I don't think you really ever got over it.  Especially when I would get those random single samples in the mail.

For that I am truly sorry because I have been loyal to you for one and a half decades of my life. I was with you even before Little Swimmers and when you went through a midlife crisis with your jean diapers.  So from newborn to Pull Ups you have shared with me 2.5 years with each of my five kids.  You have been there day and night through soggy and dry times.  And though each time we get back together for 2 or 3 years and then go our separate ways this will be the last time.  It's over for good!

You are really trying to hang on this last time, like yesterday when Ellie pooed her pants and you weren't around and it fell on the floor and stuck to her leg I had a moment of weakness and went back to you.  For all the years you put up with sh#t and didn't complain I will always love you but it's time for you to be a Little Mover and Move on.

Huggies used to be called Kimbies and we even named our baby Ellie Kimbi.  That's just how much you mean to me.  So dear Huggies thanks for the past 15 years you have been in my life.  Good bye Princess Pull Ups. See you again when we have grandkids in at least another decade! I really Enjoyed the Ride!!

One of our many Huggies adventures where we put a pull up through the wash.  

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