Friday, July 1, 2011

Went to a Garden Party and made a lot of friends!

It was such an honour to be invited to the home of my business partner W. Brett Wilson.  The cause this year was Dare to Care which is an organization that goes into schools and provides children from k-12 with many important social tools including an anti bullying program.  As parents of 5 children from K-Grade 10 we were so pleased to be a part of the evening.  I know many people have been waiting to get a "taste" of the garden party so here is what the day was like for us!

 We arrived at Brett's home just after lunch to set up for the evening.  It was so exciting to meet other pitchers from past seasons.  Our family were huge fans before we ever went on the show so for me it was amazing to meet the other business owners.

The secret service kept us safe going up the stairs.

Brett and the Breast Friends having some fun when we arrived. No matter where these gals go or what they are doing they are having fun.
 Woah what happened to your shirt?
 Ok Girls enough fun back to work.  They looked marvelous!!

The famous cookbooks.  I found out they are doing number five and six!
The vendors area.  We were all under tents just in case of rain but they weather cooperated and it was beautiful!

Don Cherry or is it?  Celebrity impersonator, comedian and all around great guy.  Clark Robertson  

Clark and his beautiful wife.  
He aproves of the socks.  

Cathy the miner's lunch box lady.  My hubby had to test it out by standing on it!
You know I just had to check out the food. Cheese is one of my very favourite foods.  
 And the desserts!  Check out the blueberry champagne shooters.

The hot food station had fire roasted pizza, pretzel buns with tender beef and the scallops the size of your hand!
Meat ice cream cones. Yum!

Jack from Essentia Organic Memory Foam mattresses.
 Brett was taping segments for his new show on Slice "Risky Business"

The host with the most! Brett is an amazing guy with a heart of gold.  How appropriate that his birthday is Canada Day!  He is such an outstanding citizen and was just appointed a member of the order of Canada.  I am so blessed to have him as a business partner and mentor.  
Brett had a few changes of clothes but started the night out in a unique tie dyed jump suit with the name of his new show on his back.  
 I got a chance to meet the fabulous and gorgeous Marissa from Moxie Trades.  Talented, beautiful, committed to work and her family another busy mom juggling a career and making sure not to miss those special times with her kids.  She blew me away.

Marissa's superfan who has a tattoo of the company logo!  A fun gal.  
 The Breast Friends new book and "Don" Approves.

This is Kempton.  I have been following his blog since I auditioned for Dragons' Den.  It was a pleasure to meet and be interviewed by him.
 I had a chance to meet the lovely photographer Cole Grey from Compass studio who I can't believe has been doing photography for 28 years.  How is that even possible when she looks 28?  I love that she had a Chanel scarf on her camera it made it so dressy.
 So fun to see everyone having such a great time at the party.
 Pat getting Kevin to sign his Kelvin 23.  

The beautiful sisters representing Saskatchewan's own Hillberg and Berk Jewellery.
My tablemate Barb Stegemann and her husband Michael from The Seven Virtues.  Barb is an inspiration as a business woman, a mom, wife, philanthropist, and motivational speaker.  I was so impressed with her passion!

I can't wait to see this year's video.  The fellow with the camera in the background did last years' and it was amazing.  

The Garden Party was being held to raise money for the amazing cause Dare to Care.   That night the attendees donated over $300 thousand to this anti bullying cause. To hear more about the program see Kempton's interview.  

There were special touches everyone and the event ran so smoothly.  The people from E=MC2 event planning were so much fun!

My rep Karen and I working our table. She has been such a great support.  I can't thank her enough for all the work she has put into getting this business up and going!  It was a treat to share this fun event with her after all the hard work.

An amazing young pianist who is only 11 years old.  Such a polite young man and such an inspiration.

The party even had a swanky bathroom.  I had to come back and take a picture.

This was a great station.  The lattes were delicious and the gal who made it is also a photographer so we talked a little shop.
The first view when you walk into the party.
Brett had a number of these fun cows. I have adopted Bryan as my little brother. I keep things in my purse for him and am his official photographer.
A great photo op to go with the blue theme.

 The Dueling Pianists.  Got everyone dancing.  Pat loved these guys. But not quite as much as he loved.....
 Shannon Tweed.  Pat now has this as his screensaver on his Blackberry and quite proudly shows everyone.  He has given me permission to do the same if I ever get to meet John Bon Jovi.  This was his boyhood dream coming true.
I seemed to become the designated photographer of the meet Shannon Tweed corner as it was pitch black and no one's camera could focus so here are for the happy random strangers who were also thrilled to meet the fabulous Ms Tweed.

My friend Bryan from 320 solutions.  We were on the same episode of DD and both from Saskatchewan.
 Nice to meet you!  Shannon is such a sweet lady.  Took the time to say Hi to everyone and take pictures.  Such a genuinely nice person it was a pleasure to meet her.
 And very, very fun!!
Shannon making Karen blush.

Brett on stage with his friend Shannon.

At the end of the night my shoe broke.  Made me feel a bit like Cinderella.  It was time to go home with Patty my Prince Charming!
We bought a Brett inspired shirt in Calgary for Pat and Brett told him how much he liked it! 
The next day we were invited for breakfast with the other Dragonettes to Brett's office.  

 Brett's collection from Dragons' Den.  If you look closely you can see the Breast Friends Christmas Cook book on the right hand side second shelf from the bottom.  We left some Snappy Socks for the shrine.  It was fun to look at everything and say, "I remember seeing that on the show!"

At Brett's office the morning after the garden party.  How amazing it was to share this experience with the ladies from Breast Friends that are like Patrick's aunties from Foam Lake.  It made it even more special.  

What an amazing weekend.  Brett and his staff made us feel so welcome it really made us realize just how lucky we are to have Brett as a business partner.

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Loved it! What a great summary of our evening and thank you for the compliment. You are such a sweetheart yourself! See you again soon!
Cole Grey