Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get Outa My Space- And into a new one!

Today is October 1st and for the first time in thirteen years (hopefully that is a lucky number for me)I am renting studio space. My new spot is 245 Central Avenue North just by the post office on the second floor by Trish Braun's Accounting and above Casey's restaurant and Core Fitness Gym. I am super excited to make the move to a studio space that will allow me to focus on work and home separately.

Like many moms I have struggled with going back to work and making the right decisions for me, my kids, my family and clients. I am confident this will be a win, win scenario. I have found an amazing babysitter that the kids love which is such a blessing. It is awesome to have another mom give a piece of her home, her time and her care to watch over my babies so I can do my work and pursue my dreams and help support this crew of ours. It really means a lot to me.

This can be a hard time for so many moms. Their baby turning one may mean that they might start sleeping through the night, they stop breastfeeding, they learn to walk and play on their own. Your place as caregiver takes on a new role. Put on top of that going back to work, trying to cut sugar, flour, and fat out of your diet to lose the baby bulge, hormone fluctuations and it can make for one insane mama.

My photoshoot tonight really is a visual representation of how I feel torn between being at home and going to work. Trying to juggle it all can make you feel a little divided sometimes! I will let you know as soon as I have some hours set and I am ready for all of you to come and visit my new space.....

Here are the out takes. First of all I can't believe no one complained (even Patrick the guest photographer) I let the kids "come as you are"

I know you are asking. "Ok if this was in your closet why didn't you wear it in your fashion show post?" Well I just bought the purse at "Empire" which is a fabulous place to shop although I think I may need the equivalent of a seeing eye dog because I have no idea what is cool anymore. And the dress is from my fabulously stylish friend Kari who also lends it to Kristen so we have a three way joint custody on the dress. The tights are maternity tights which are almost hanging to my knees (here is my tip of the day put your husband's underwear on top of the tights to hold them up. I am lucky to be almost the same size as my hubby so maybe it won't work for you!)

What do you mean you are going to wean me? Can we talk about this?

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