Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Model and The Mom.

Last night was the preimer of "America's Next Top Model" It is one of my absolute favorite shows. My hubby lasted about 10 minutes and couldn't take it any more so he went to the kitchen to make the kid's lunches for tomorrow. Yes I am the luckiest woman alive I have a husband who makes lunches and good ones to. As we were watching the show a smell of sugar and cinamon floated through the air. He had taken tortilla wraps and sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon and they tasted just like the ones you get from Taco Time. So good!
After watching the models and their photoshoot I am inspired to share with you my latest model shoot. This is the daughter or our good friends and she also babysits the kids once and a while. Miss "M" has been in modeling competitions and has done very well. It was a pleasure to work with her and her mom and I had fun roaming around town with her picking out fun and funky spots to shoot. We had to take a "milk break" midshoot as Ellie was along for the session.

She is such an amazing girl, smart, pretty, athletic, photogenic it was such a pleasure to work with her!

I felt ever so glamourous stuffing my baby under my shirt. My hair looks like it was combed with a porkchop I am wearing grey sweats and my hubby's jacket. Let's see Nigel Barker do that at his next photoshoot.....

Just checking in on the other kids. And to think once upon a time I was Miss MooseJaw and competed in Miss Canada and actually did some modeling competitions and fashion shows! If they saw me now they would take back my sash and tiara!

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