Monday, September 14, 2009


I love sharing stories with all of you but what I love even more are the comments I receive back. I love the stories and pictures that my readers share with me. I am excited to announce a new feature to the circus house. I will be holding a contest where you can send me your own fun, inspiring, or crazy life stories or pictures. I will feature one reader story or picture each Monday. That reader will receieve a free sitting and 8x10 and will be entered in the monthly grand prize draw to recieve a free 16x20. Send your stories and pictures to I will be sharing the winners here on the blog so be sure that you are all right with the world seeing your kids and knowing some dirt about you. I am so excited to see what you are going to send.

Here is something that one of my loyal readers wrote to me a while back. Thanks for sharing Barb and for that I will give you an 8x10!

Corla when I read your blog today it reminded me of my older sister, Shirley. She had 2 boys less than 2 years apart and always found it the hardest to go grocery shopping. I remember her telling me the story about Aaron her oldest at the time, he would have been 3 and Blake about 1. Blake of course was in sitting the shopping cart while Shirley was filling the cart with groceries. Aaron on the other hand was running all over the place, definitely a hyper kid . Shirley was in one of those long line ups at the till when Aaron told her he had to go to the bathroom. She didn't want to leave the line up so she told him he had to wait until they got home. 2 seconds later Aaron disappears. Shirley called for him but he chose not answer so she pulls out of the line up and starts pushing the over filled cart around the store looking for Aaron. She turned to the magazine aisle and there was Aaron pants at ankles peeing all over the magazines. She turned around got back in the line up and hoped no one seen him peeing on the magazines. She said all she could think of was someone picking up a magazine and leafing thru the pages licking their fingers as they glanced at the pictures. When she got home she had taken Blake into the house and came back out to carry in the groceries. Aaron had decided to get the eggs out of the grocery bag and drop them one at a time on the sidewalk. I don't know how you do it with 5 children.

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