Thursday, September 17, 2009

The "Eyes " have it!

At Olivia's urging I made appointments for the kids to get their eyes tested. She is so much like her Dad in her organizational skills that she had the appointment written in her daily planner for two weeks before and reminded me daily. It was pjama day at school which is always an iteresting day to take your kids downtown for appointments. I love to look at the world through my kids' eyes. Everything is an adventure for them. An eye appointment is fun and a chance for us to spend some one on one time together. After we were done our appointment we walked down to Urban Ground and shared a drink and more importantly a visit. It reminded me of the trips my mom and I used to make to Regina for orthodontist and eye appointments. It was more about the shopping, visiting and lunch at Gino's restaurant and ice cream at DQ. It is nice to take a minute away from the rat race (sorry for saying the "r" word) and enjoy some time with each of the kids!

We found out Olivia needed glasses and I asked the Dr Godenir if she could be lying to get glasses and she assured me she really needed them. I got my glasses when I was in grade four so it brings back lots of memories for me! I guess I should have just believed her.

For once there was some destruction that had nothing at all to do with me or my travelling circus. Someone had walked out through this pane of glass before we got there. I swear we didn't do it!

Car trying on glasses before his appointment. So cute!

Just like driving a car!

And here she is in her snazzy new frames waiting for the bus for her first "I can actually see the board day". She was so excited about her new glasses!

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