Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tummy Tuesdays- Part Two

It's Tuesday again but because of the long weekend it feels more like Monday so excuse the late entry. Today was day one back into the full swing of activities (2 at power skating and 1 at dance!)

I worked today photographing the new performing arts center in Swift where I met up with one of my last summer's brides. She excitedly told me she was expecting. As we chatted about backaches, massages, fatigue, and the excitement of telling everyone,maternity leave and setting up the nursery I was reminded that it was Tuesday and I was going to do another installment of the road to parenthood.

Until you are ready to make the big announcement, it may be hard for you to keep it a secret. There are many tell tale signs that someone is expecting. If you are someone who enjoys a social cocktail now and then you may send up signals by passing when your are offered a drink. I would suggest simply saying you are on medication, you have gout, you are extremely hung over and even the thought of a drink makes you nauseous, you can order a drink and have your spouse drink it, or you prentend to drink it, or pour it in your purse or plant near by. (If you really want to keep your secret). Often your pants will start to be harder to do up or if you are very lucky your bra will be too small before your pants are. You (and probably your husband)can enjoy a good month or two of being stacked before your belly catches up. One of the neatest inventions for soon to be moms is called a "Bella Band" http://www.ingridandisabel.com/ This nifty little invention helps stretch your wardrobe so that you can continue to wear your regular wardrobe when you can't do up the buttons but the rest still fits! I am selling these bella bands and accesories through my studio for expecting moms so let me know if you are intersted in them.

The first time I was pregnant I was teaching physed in Turtleford and crosscountry skiing with my classes everyday. I woke up every morning gagged into a towl after brushing my teeth and could hardly bring myself to eat anything. I lost 15 pounds in the first three months. It was the best diet I was ever on. I specifically recall one day there was birthday cake in the staff room. Regretably, I ate a piece of birthday cake before lunch and then made my way home to find that my dog had crapped on my living room carpet. I quickly took him out of the house on a leash for a brisk walk for him and fresh air for me. I found myself staggering around, eyes watering, mouth watering and heaving uncontollably. I ended up puking up the birthday cake all over my dog. So then not only did I have to return home and clean up dog poo I also had to clean up barfed up birthday cake off the dumb dog. I wasn't really feeling much of a pregnant glow at that point.

I can tell you from that I made up for the slow start and by the end was the size of a small house. Whoever said you are eating for two and that you should eat as much as you want never had to go home from the hospital after delivering a baby in the same maternity pants that they arrived in. My mom gained a total of 15 pounds when she was pregant with me and wore her regular pants home from the hospital. I tried the same thing and took a pair of my regular dress pants with me to the hospital to wear home. Levi weighed 7 pounds when he was born and I weighed myself shortly after he was born and found I had only lost five pounds. Needless to say I did not wear the regular dress pants home and have been mad at my mom for making me believe even though I had gained nearly fourty pounds durring my pregnancy that I was going to magically lose it all in the hospital and slip right back into my old pants. Whatever you do don't eat a chocolate bar everyday. In the end your bum will thankyou.

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