Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labour Day

I am looking forward to another beautiful Saskatchewan Labour Day weekend ( and for once I am not going into labour) I ask you what is more Saskatchewan on Labour Day then to head to Regina to the "Banjo Bowl" between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Bluebombers.
I was very excited this summer to get my hands on a copy of Rob Vanstone's book West Riders Best. Rob Describes the book as "West Riders Best tells the story of the 1966 team dating back to 1951, following through until the present day. How was the team formed? How did it win in 1966? And how did things go for the team and its players over the following 40-plus years?"
I scoured the pages to find stories about my Dad Cliff Shaw #51 and Uncle Wayne Shaw #50 and found the my name was even in the book! That is pretty neat even if they did put my little brother Ryan's name first.
Book & Brier on south Albert Street
Walmart or Costco in Regina
Front Desk of the Leader Post
It is a big piece of our family history and since my Dad is gone it means a lot for me to have these stories to share with my kids!
Now I am off to buy a banjo and a watermelon (if your from Sask you know what I mean)

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