Thursday, September 10, 2009

Comercial Break

We interupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring this comercial message to you. Over the last year I have been gathering unique baby items to sell through my studio. Things that you can't get in Swift Current at other stores, things that I find useful, cute or interesting. One interesting product I have been using Ellie to learn to walk is called walking wings. I am also planning on using these to help teach Carson learn to skate this winter. I was excited to see this product was featured on the tv show "The Doctors" If you know of someone who has a 6month old to one year old this would be great for them.

I taped the clip off the tv but my kids talked the whole time and the 12 year old made the 3 year old scream through the whole thing and on top of that I am not sure that doesn't break some tv show copyright and for sure I wouldn't want Dr Travis to show up at my door and give me a spankin so here is the official link to that clip.

Clip of Walking Wings on "The Doctors"

And while I was downloading this video I found one on the camera that Olivia took. Suprise suprise I was sitting at the computer and yes I am wearing my one and only fancy shirt! Olivia told me I am going to get a neck like the Dad in the movie "Coraline" from sitting at the computer all the time. She may have a point!

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