Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here is the questions I asked yesterday

Let's play who had the first meltdown of the school year was it

A Corla
B Carson
C The bus driver
D Levi
And the Answer is B Carson ( I took this with my phone at the scene of the crime)
This was yesterday. Olivia has dance, Kelsey and Levi hockey and Levi volleyball so in the midst of dropping off and picking up this is what happened. I walked Olivia into the dance studio gave her a kiss and turned around to come back to the van and Levi (who will be 13 this week) was in the van doing a great job babysitting. Carson was playing with makeup in the van ( I don't know why I left my new bottle of squeeze coverup in the van I guess in case of a zit emergency on the road). Carson squirted it all over the vehicle even up to the front driver's door and some got in Levi's hair so he squirted it back at Carson. Brilliant!

This week Carson went from being a little 3 year old boy who sleeps in until 9 or later with nothing much to do other than watch tv and play with the baby to a busy boy who goes to the sitter a few days a week Playschool two afternoons a week and swimming two evenings a week. No wonder the poor kid had a meltdown. I guess I have to remember he is not a mini adult he is just a little boy and these last two weeks have been fun for sure but he is still so little.

The day before that on Monday was the kid's first Swim Club. He wanted to go in the hot tub but that wasn't happening so I had to drag him out of the pool before he even got dressed. He was crying, "You're not my friend, no one is my friend." Yikes break my heart why don't you.

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Devo said...

OMG... I admit that it would have been me that had the meltdown if that had happened!! Still makes me laugh hysterically though :)