Friday, September 4, 2009

All she wants to do is dance!

I think a lot of moms dream of her daughter being a little ballerina just like a lot of Dads dream of a boy who plays hockey. Until now Olivia has avoided taking dance lessons. I put her in two years agon into tap and she went to two classes and then quit. I think she quit because her shoes were different than everyone elses. Who knows why but I am not dragging a kid that doesn't want to go. This summer I thought I would try again and I recruited two of her girl cousins to come for a week to dance camp. Well it worked she is going to take dance lessons and I am so excited. After years of dance pictures and adoring the little dancers and their costumes one of them will be mine!

Well I actually I did have another dancer in the family. When we lived in Strasbourg for a year Levi took jazz dance which Pat took a lot of teasing over but when he preformed in the competition in Regina Pat and I both had a little tear in our eye because we were so proud and excited!!

Have a great weekend and keep dancin'!

Here is a five year old Levi doing his "Mambo Number Five"

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